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    I have received an impairment rating of 14%. WC says that I am going to get 350 every two weeks for 32 weeks for the impairment. Is this figure in addition to my wages since I am back to work full time? or are they using this as a settlement? The word settlement was never used but they did say it was for the impairement. I am trying to determine if I am going to get screwed by w/c.

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    settlements are not automatic.
    settlement can be for either medical benefits and impairment or both.
    impairment is in addition to temporary disability

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    If you are at mmi with a 14% rating then you are due impairment benefits. These are a benefit due to you if you are working or not. If you are working and receiving the same wages are prior to your accident then you are due 50% of the compensation rate for the 32 weeks. This is not a settlement. The benefits are statutorily due to you.

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    Someone very close to me (no not me) injured their knee early this year and was under w/c. They were never released to go back to work, because the work required them to be released with no restrictions. Was receiving TTD payments and then claim was denied. Went for IME which proved injury was compensable, insurer pushed for second IME which also proved injury was compensable. Meanwhile got an attorney. Couple of questions - 1. Benefits were reinstated but not TTD, just total partial - how can it be total partial if not released back to work? 2. The second IME was done by a spine doctor who has no knee specialty, in fact, was fined for operating on a wrong knee. This Dr. spent all of 5 minutes examining and used no instrumentation and establishes not only MMI, but a PI Rating. According to all the statutes I've been looking into, the certifying Doctor has to be a treating physician and in the appropriate field, no? 3. Been off work now for 7 months and talks with insurer coming up. Insurer acknowledges that they owe back pay, says check is cut, yet still no check. I'm just worried because my friend's knee is bad, they can hardly walk, and from all I've been reading about settlement it's probably not going to happen. There just seems to be a lot of fishy things going on and I don't understand how something that is written black and white can be twisted around. How can someone reach MMI when they have been denied treatment by a doctor for 5 months?

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    Get an attorney

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    That money is above your regular wages but you need to protect yourself in case of future problems.

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    6ftam2The carrier is paying you inmpairment benefits. These are due to you whether you are working or not. The only difference is the amount oiad 50% vs 75% of the compensation rate. It is not a settlement but a statutory benefit due to you.

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