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    Default Transportation to the doctor and therapy

    I heard that transportation could be provided to take you to the doctor and to therapy. I asked my case nurse because I don't have a way of going now but she acted like she didn't know what I was talking about, I told her that a person my wife knows that's on WC said that a driver would come and take her to the doctor and to therapy because she didn't have a way of going. Does anybody know anything about this?

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    it depends on what state's workers' comp. laws apply

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    Alabama Workers Compensation Act: 25-5-17
    (f) The employer shall pay mileage costs to and from medical and rehabilitation providers at the same rate as provided by law for official state travel.

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    does any one know what the rate for travel is ?

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    You could call someone at the comp office, they might know.....Good Luck.....

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    Right now, the current rate for travel in Alabama is $.345 (that's 34.5 cents) per mile...remember, this is round-trip and includes doctor's visits, physical therapy, and trips to the pharmacy!

    If anyone needs other information about Alabama, please feel free to visit the Injured Workers of Alabama website at or email me directly.


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    thanks Rena

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