I was injured in 1991, the settlement was peanuts. But, I real did not want anything. I was insulted by the Adminstration offices behavior. I lost 2 children by miscarriage, due to this job. I popped out a hip, and the DON whom knew that the hip was out acted uninformed of medical issues. The hip pain decreased till my periods, then the pain was out rageous. Months later my upper back broke 2 bones. Hospital new owners of the Nursing Home said nothing was wrong. I returned to work, the pain came back after 1/2 the night of work. I got my own doctor, she finally took x-rays, after all the nerve test and found these bones. I did not want Workers Compensation, I need a good doctor. The Nursing Home insisted of WC system after the need for a bone doctor. The last doctor I saw told me my neck was broken, then returned me too work saying "I was too young to have anything wrong" I quit the job. After the settlement, I was involuntaritily drugged till the status of limitation was expired. I am continuely being roll by this system, Workers Compensation. Why does this system have the right to illegally roll, rape, drug, alter and completely trash my life? I could of sued for loss of 2 children, harrassment issues with the Adminstration. I could for had many testifiy on the stand in the courtroom, yet, I was tring to be nice. I had good credit,I had goals, let the evil be evil. But, leave the innocent alone. If the Workers Compensation wants fights Why not come to the DOOR? I was raped by this system, undercover. When will I get right? When will I get Justice, for being raped by a system that I wanted nothing from? I was made into a fool for the system and community could have a good laugh. My children died in VAIN.