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    Default Recently Injured At Work

    injured at work couple of weeks ago. with to there doctor, what a joke. they said light duty with things i can do. if i do what they so i cant do , icant work at my job ?? also they hired a P.I. ya so this P.I. call me and said she wants to visit me get an oral statment of what happened and get pictuer of my back (lower back pain L1 to L5) the injured part is not exturnal but inturnal. whats up with that.

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    you already know my response on this - but I do wish you best of luck with the call from the attorney tomorrow. Remember to interview them the way you would in you were hiring them to work for you - cause that is what you are doing. So make sure they are clear on all of this.

    One other thing - is the company you work for Self-insured or state fund?

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    i find out tomarrow

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    privte -insured

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    trek -

    I think most of us that deal with self-insured have lots of problems - not sure what insurance yours is through and I pray you find an attorney that will help you.

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