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    Default Broken Wrist on Dominant Hand

    In two months it will be a year since I fell backwards at work and landed all my weight on my left hand(palm down). On this particular day, I was assigned to the job I had only done by myself one other time. I was filling in for a lady that was off that day. Why they chose me, I have no idea, because I'm the oldest worker on that side of the plant. Anyway, it was getting about a couple of hours or so until time to get off work. I was putting unmade boxes together and inserting a poly bag in them for a lining.
    Well, I had gotten a stack of unmade boxes(25),put them on the table, snipped the binding strap with scissors, stepped back a little, lost my balance off the fatigue mat I was standing on, and fell onto the floor catching myself with my lefthand. I rolled backwards, hit a fan that they had stood behind me. Thank God it didn't fall on me. No one supposedly saw me. But they heard as I started yelling help me!! They put a cold pack on my hand because it raised a big knot on top of my hand. They let me sit in the office 30 mins. before they took me to the ER.
    It broke 2 bones in my wrist but they were still attached, they did not set it. I had a total of 4 casts on and 2 braces. My hand has turned into a deformity. One or two of the doctors said so. Because it was allowed to grow that way. Drs. also said I would never be able to do repetitious work again with this hand. Yet my job wouldn't even let me off to rest my hand. Every time I'm off work with my hand they write me up. They made up me a one-handed job because we do not have any. So I have to use my right hand. And not being right handed it's really bothering it. Oh by the way, my employer didn't turn this in to W.C., we did, 2 months after it happened. The adjuster has offered me a settlement of $22K, without surgery, or $2,800. with surgery. Of course, whichever way I go, they'll cut me loose after that. I have an arthritic hand that will be permanent, because when I landed on that hand and broke the bones, the impact jammed my wrist. So what I can I do?

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    sean Guest


    you should not go for that.get a lawyer. My employer tried to play games with me until i got a lawyer. i have had not one problem with employer or insurer since. good luck Martha.

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