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    mom2emy Guest


    anyone have mutiple injuries and surgery pending

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    dennison Guest


    Yup me......
    How many injured Body parts do you want?

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    winthis Guest


    spine 4 vert both knees rt shoulder carpal tunnel both hands ect

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    mike Guest


    Foot and Ankle to relieve Tarsal Tunnel, debridment and the removal of Large spur formations, Total knee replacement on the right, Arthoscope and debridment on the left knee.

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    michellekore Guest


    I have multiple injuries. Lower back (had herniated disk removed). Torn rotator cuff (had that fixed) and now as a cause from the surgery for the herniated disk I have a loose facet joint. I have different doctors and now my primary care physician is my pain management Dr. It is a total mess because I refuse to go back to Kaiser.

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    anon Guest


    Mike: curious, how was your relief, if any, after tarsel tunnel releases?

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    aaron Guest


    Yeah, me too, both knees 6 surgeries, head shot(1 and 1/2 inch pipe, @ 200 mph) still dizzy 10 + years later, hand crushed, compound fracture of fingers.
    In my humble oppinion OPPINION OPPINION OPPINION...... the multiple injuries work against the modern day injured worker.
    I was attempting to return to work with employer and they would never give me the time of day nor an appointment with the H.R. female dog that was standing in the way.
    The company is waiting for their Legal team to push me thru the AME, for appropriation percents.
    They will get off free as a bird, given current standards.
    All I hope for is that later in life the rules will change and the next round of injured workers will get a better shake at things.

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    gord Guest


    Injury more than 1 year old. A major injury involving a fracture to upper arm from fall, where the fracture is treated without other diagnostics except for an open Air MRI that did show small tears to rotator. Poss need for surg doc felt not needed, primary arm. Continued pain control, PT doesn't improve condition. IC doc states is P&S. In discussing he ignores other related complaints, doesn't say many words, but one would perceive, these complaints he believes to be "new" injuries, resulting from trauma. IC have changed with Emplr so would a new claim with the current IC need to be filed?

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