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    me Guest


    pls let me know

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    sh Guest

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    maria Guest


    Kenneth Rowen
    5900 Sepulveda Blvd #500
    Van Nuys, CA 91411
    Phone Number (818) 981-9960

    I must caution you, however. He is full of hot air. Loves to talk himself up. He will lay a great groundwork/foundation for a large settlement after 2-3 years, but you will get little or no useful medical treatment in the meantime.

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    pt Guest


    The gentleman sounds familiar - Wouldn't be the same Applicant Attorney who represented the now infamous, Southern California WC ALJ, would he ?

    If so, what a...... hoot!


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    maria Guest


    True, but he is well versed in RSD, it's causes, treatments and the lifelong disabilities it causes.

    "ME" asked a question. An answer was given.

    Unless you know all the details, and the current status of that 'infamous' WC ALJ's case, ...well

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    hurt Guest


    Stay away from Rowan!! He is a professional conference presenter who is looking for a TV deal. He does NOTHING for his clients but swear at them and then sells them out. Bad news

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    sh Guest


    You can file a complaint with the state bar

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    anon2600 Guest


    RSD is a 'side effect' of another injury/illness. As a rule this comes on after a surgery.
    I doubt you will find an attorney that will 'specialize' in RSD...

    There are many web sites available for information, and offer support groups as well...worth looking into to help dealing/coping with this condition. It is a condition, rather than an 'illness', and there is no 'cure'...

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    sh Guest



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    sally Guest


    RSD is a another term for "malingering". Research shows that people with a history of psyche problems are usually the ones who claim RSD. In my experience they are usually the wimps of our WC claims. They weren't good employees to begin with so they come up with these exaggerated symptoms to stay on disability. We fight these claims to the death and we have usually prevailed.

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