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    mfelde Guest


    im considering it, i wont be the first one or the last. i just dont give a f**** about living anymore. workers comp has made my life miserable and has ruined me

    24-7 pain and the mean spirited shitt that insurance companies, doctors lawyers and employers do to people is eneough to make any intelligent person go insane. the depression is intolerable! its not anger turned inward anymore for me its IM DOWNRIGHT ANGRY .

    i do have a few plans and some things to take care of first though before i make my final exit.

    i will let all of you that are going thru this hhell on earth try to figure out what that may be.

    the insurance people? save your money! and f**** you ! i hope your buildings crumble in an earthquake or catches fire !

    im going to a place where no one will ever find me! and my teeth will be removed so theres no dental records to identify me. if and when some bee ess agency finds me.

    i was free when i came into this world and im going to leave free" in not taking a f****ing number to my grave! yes im going to just dissapear! its only "paper" so why should anyone give a damn

    i quit! tired of chronic pain,lies and this injured worker mindf****

    i still got free speech i suppose for a while anyway

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    11light Guest


    If u kill yourself GOD will not forgive you! I've been waiting three years for this nightmare to end, i have depression, pain & i've lost friends, family members have distant themselves & and my girl-friend has left me!! I eat beans, and 39 cent cans of food!! But as i watch the news i see people who have it all!! And give all away for our freedom & Jesus gave his life! 3 more years is nothing for what other people have sacrifice for!! U just need to go to your nearst CHURCH MFELDE and ASK FOR HELP!! THeir U will make friends, u have too much time on ur hands! GO TO CHURCH!! UR ANSWERS ARE THEIR!! TRUST ME

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    theresa Guest


    I have been going through this crappy system for over 13 years denials meds taken away havent been paid for almost 10 years cuz i was found mmi and to young to be total, and yes I also have thought about just ending it all but you know what I sit and thought about it why should i give them bastards what they want and let them off so easy by offing myself i would rather wait it out and give them the grief that they have given me over the years by staying alive &#40;barely&#41; and making their lives a living <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT>. if you ever want to talk e mail me we can support each other

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    11light Guest


    WOW, THERESA I&#39;m glad U Stay around to share that with us!! U journey makes us Stronger!! I just want to tell people if you don&#39;t have anyone to turn to go to your local church, they have plenty GOOD people who want to help you out!! The church will even help you out with your bills if your struggling!! There&#39;s people out there that really want to help other&#39;s regardless of anything!!

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    marco Guest


    This thread isn&#39;t about you theresa. Why would you highjack a post like this to talk about how bad things are for you? We know they are and we are sorry and hope things get better for you but, you should have started a new thread. This man here is thinking of suicide for heavens sake! And bringing the topic around to you and how bad thing are for you doesn&#39;t help him.

    Please don&#39;t harm yourself mfelde. Take 11LIGHT&#39;s advice a find a church, any church! Walk in and ask for help! And they will help you! finanial and spiritul. Please!

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    siciliana Guest


    mfelde, i just read your post.

    your injuries have brought on an illness that makes you want to kill yourself. your injuries may not be curable, but your illness is.

    you need to call 1-800-SUICIDE RIGHT NOW.

    i called them for you to make sure they would be helpful to you, and they will be.

    please get back to me tomorrow, and let me know how you are doing.


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    please go back and read your post. That is not the answer to the problem. In fact by going that route you are giving into the W/C system, just what they want for you to go away and never come back.

    I am not sure of your situation, i.e. injury, med&#39;s etc... but if your under medication that might be the reason for feeling the way you are. You really need to go talk to someone. Please don&#39;t give into the system, try to take one day at a time, if needed take one hour at a time.

    Something that might help is get involved in something you can do. I am not sure what hobbies or interests you have, such as &#40;examples only&#41; reading, cross stitch, drawing or painting. Something to keep your mind occupied and off of what is going on with the W/C system.

    Again, by doing what your talking about you are giving in to a crooked system, be strong and don&#39;t let them do that to you.

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    teenager Guest


    CALL 911 and THEY Will PlACE a 5150 on YOU where they are Deem by the law to give u medical attention A.S.A.P!!! OR CALL 1-800-Suicide! LIke Siciliana stated!! UR NEED TO DO IT NOW!! IT&#39;s SErious, ur life is at RISK EVERY SECOND!!

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    xray Guest



    you sound distressed....think of all the medications you are taking? Obviously they must have some side effects. Anti-depressants can bring about suicidal thoughts. Somehow I think you must be feeling better, because 8 minutes later you posted on another question and sounded much more composed. I&#39;m glad. HANG IN THERE!

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    mfelde Guest


    meds got nothin to do with it! when ur this depressed there is no medical cures!
    i dont need religion or church or some suicide counseler or society or money. impisssed off cause not only can i not work anymore but im screwed on my hobbies&#43;interests too .I SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE MY HEALTH ANY MORE i still have a few things to do before i leave earth. who said i was going to give in? and let wc get away with anything? im not feeling better im feeling worse each day! im just more calm now cause i have some plans and have made some descisions. to the teenager who knows it all... i feel sorry for your generation i really do! NOBODY IS TAKING ME ANYWHERE! or is going to force me to do anything i dont want to do! church, medical interference,etc isnt going to work. im dropping out out of this ****ked up society and thats it! if u dont think its jacked up just look around you!people can fake being happy all they want but i can see right thru it ,its phony superficial bee ess.the christian right wing thinks suicide is wrong and unforgivable ok, they dont seem to have any problem with murder do they? i dont buy the terrorism thing sorry, the real terror is corporate criminals! and insurance companies are running your life! guess who owns all this? yes thats right mostly lawyers! and guess who owns YOU when u buy into it. THEM... people arent property! guess who else has most of the worlds money? yep churches! everyone thinks their religion is the right one and everyone elses is wrong.same shittt as politics money money money
    the s.o.b,s and bastards in the this world already have money ,that aint enough! they want POWER AND CONTROL! today i got another shittty letter letter from my atty i have to go see another ame! i already went to one 3 years ago!!!!!! this phucker doesnt want to see me anymore I DONT GET IT but im going to find out even if i get arrested &#91;big deal disturbing the peace?&#93; I AM NOT going to another ame and risk being sold out! I JUST KNOW THIS ****KING LAWYER of mine is gonna do it i just ****kin know it! and the defense? ****k you big time! just cause you got money u think you can pay off people again..... ****k you! his termination papers have already been signed!
    like i said i have already lost everything and now i have nothing to lose! so im going to stir up the shitt pot for some of theese bastards that are making my life miserable mark my words its only a matter of time before anyone going into the wcab buildings will have to go thru a metal detector! and a strip search including the attys! i aint the only one madd as helllll! theres been suicides before in theese places! murders too! ****k everything and everbody i just cant take it anymore! and WONT nobody is going to run my life! dead or alive!

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