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    Default Re: People do suicide over workers comp

    i have been dealing with worker comp on my on and beleive me i have been fighting to the end with them i have thaugh about killing myself,but im not mad at me its them!i have had two lawer and it seems that they dont look at your case until its time for court!

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    Before I retired I was working as a Deputy Sheriff. I came across a car parked on a rural road late at night. Contacted the driver who was there to commit suicide. After talking with person I found out her W.C. insurance carrier was screwing her badly and she was depressed and in pain.

    Interesting thing, I was fighting the same insurance co. for a on the job injury too! We had a long talk and the lady drove away and never killed herself.

    Go figure, oh the Ins. Co. was Claims Management.

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    You did a (very, very) good deed that night....and have no doubt even earned yourself an extra seat on the 'transport' to heaven..!

    I found out her W.C. insurance carrier was screwing her badly and she was depressed and in pain.

    Depression after a long term illness/injury is not unusual...and WC cases are not unique to this...unfortunately.

    The biggest difficulty IW's have with the system is thinking of the WC coverage/benefits being like their regular health insurance....the two are distinctly different in many ways, and should NOT be thought of in the same capacity. Your entitlement to treatment in WC is severly limited vs regular health insurance.

    Fortunately for you, as a Deputy Sheriff, you are entitled to additional benefits the rest of us are not privilidged to receive.

    BTW...''the Ins. Co. was Claims Management.''
    Sheriff/Police depts, as a rule, are 'self insured'....the "Claims Management" company is a TPA..or "Third Party Administrator", handling the WC claims for your ER (employer).

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    I believe worker's compensation has unique problems that do not exist with other forms of insurance. Not only is healthcare denied for long periods in many cases, but many i/w's feel abused in other ways. People are not only injured, but also lose the income they feel entitled to. If you get sick and lose your job it can be easier to accept than when you are injured doing your job, especially when you feel the injury could have been prevented. There is the additional element that many, many times the i/w is made to feel like a liar for claiming benefits in the first place (surveillance, IME misbehavior etc.). Worker's Compensation is therefore often much harder on people. I often gather, when reading the forums, that i/w's do not expect w/c treatment to equal other health insurance, but that they are treated in an almost sub-human fashion, often for what they perceive as frivolous reasons. While health insurance can be a red tape laden bureaucracy, Worker's Compensation is much more adversarial. Combine this with the difficulty of finding an avenue to effectively air one's grievances, and understand the rules and it can be very, very difficult.

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    Default Re: People do suicide over workers comp

    This subject is very near and dear to my heart you could say.

    Please don't commit suicide. But not for the usual cliche reasons. The reason I offer you is a more pragmatic one. The people and system who drove you to this place will not be impacted one little bit by your death. Only the people who care about you will be.

    Who are you mad at? Yourself and your loved ones? Or the individuals who created and operate this assembly line of broken lives? Don't hurt innocent people. You're too good of a person for that.

    Our lives may be forfeit. We may not be able to prevent pain to our loved ones who watch us finished off by this system of injustice. Don't choose to go out with a whimper. Make a difference.

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