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    teenager Guest


    We Make war that we may live in Peace.

    (384 BC - 322 BC)

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    xray Guest


    Teenager - Excellent!! Happy 4th of July

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    henry Guest


    Well said MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xray -

    "OUR" government is us - Does "OUR" government really represent US??? - the injured/disabled workers of America and their families OR the working middle class OR those displaced when their jobs were exported for foreign cheap labor OR the 42 million without unaffordable health insurance OR those working at $5.15 per hour minimum wage with no benefits, or the elderly and retirees, etc?

    'I know this is not a political forum' - is the workers' compensation systems not political? Thus this forum?

    'Your vote can change many things, including WC' - Did our vote change the outsourcing of milions of our jobs only to have those VOTED to have the nerve to tell us that's good for our economy? Did our vote IMPROVE the wc system or give the injured/disabled workers a vote or even a voice in care/treatment/benefits of the wc system? Did OUR vote increase the miniumum wage OR salary increases for the politicos in January??

    Did we vote to approve the "Security and Partnership of North America" (SPP) adopted in March 2005 between President Bush and Mexican President FoX?? Did we vote to form a North American Union committed in March 2005 between President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fos and Canadian Prime MInister Paul Martin??...All reported by Human Events.


    North American Union to Replace USA

    North American Union Would Trump US Supreme Court

    The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the Amero


    Thanks and God Bless America?

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    henry Guest


    CORRRECTION TO MY JULY 04. 2006 10:34 PM POST -

    Please remove the question mark- sorry.

    To read -


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    Sep 1971


    Thank you Henry, I got winded just reading that.

    X-Ray, my injury Poisioned, 40% damage to both lungs, 5 medications per day, $600 worth of med's a month. In the hospital 1 week, out of work 1 1/4 years, back to work in another job, since the doctors all including the IME said it was a un-safe environment for me to go back to. This company does work for our homeland security, our government, major corporations etc... and yet they refused to take care of their own employees? Hellooooooo there were approx. 15 of us that got sick.

    Osha yeah right what a joke. Government yeah big crock of crap. So yes I have the right to say unless you know what I went through or you walked in my shoes you don't know what the he11 your saying.

    Oh yeah by the way try calling in the medications that keep your lungs open enough to keep you breathing and W/C had a virus up their a$$ and decided to just not refill the med's. No reason to discontinue the med's, but they can and so they do and they get away with it.

    Just like our Government, Screw the people, fill our pockets. Here in CT. We have politicians in jail for child molestation yeah thats right some sick F*** that was running of our towns was doing two little girls, we have Rowland who just got out of jail. And other "Petty" offenders being sentenced. And how many others that have not been caught? They in my opinion are the DIRTYEST OF DIRTY.

    Yeah so I feel our Government is just as crooked as W/C.

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    xray Guest


    "For more info on the above go to Yahoo"
    There are more places to get news than the internet. I've already read these stories, thank you. You are so passionate and articulate you would be a wonderful spokesperson for the plight of the poor injured worker of America. Which you are entitled to do as an American citizen. Government, you know, "for the people, by the people" all of US. Or just keep ranting on the internet......

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    henry Guest


    Good Morning xray -

    I really donot see myself 'ranting on the internet'....merely statements of TRUTH and facts on behalf of the injured/disabled workers and the middle class Americans. By the way, TRUTH is one of the many words that Webster will have a NEW meaning - having been changed by this administration.

    As to the yahoo websites - I think it is time for the American
    veterans, and ALL Americans, to realize everything the veterans fought and sacrificed to keep this Nation free, strong and independent is being 'sold out'.

    Bitter? NO. Disappointed? YES! As a war veteran, disabled worker and a proud American struggling to survive in today's marketplace, I fear what this administration has done to the iw, the entire middle class and the foundation upon which this great Nation was founded and kept strong..

    "for the people, by the people" ? - No Longer - it is NOW -
    for the people, BY THE POLITICIANS! Profits and greed - we are rapidly becoming a two tier society .......the extemely rich and the dirty poor. The Nation's unfair, corrupt, inept and inadequate workers' compensation systems are prime contributors.

    Thanks for allowing me to share. last post on this subject!

    God Bless America, the injured workers and our troops.

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    xray Guest


    Good Afternoon Henry,
    Same song, different singer (at least you spell correctly) So you too are stating the TRUTH and facts on behalf of the injured worker.
    Everyone writing here seems to be doing the same thing. What I'm saying is alot of people here ARE trying to abuse the system and it then hurts the honestly injured worker. So many of these posts deal with nothing except how they feel they should be compensated for injuries doctors can't even diagnose, after years.
    I also had four herniated discs (common injury here) Why was my doctor able to diagnose it, and treat it? Story over. No methadone, fentanyl,
    no panic attacks over being followed, checks not arriving, medications not being refilled, lawyers not returning calls etc. etc..
    As for those articles you would like everyone to read? Why? I could rattle off all the reasons why SPP was created, none of them would be to have these three countries become one. Was that your point?
    Henry you are a veteran and have my respect and gratitude, but please do some research beyond Yahoo. And yes, God Bless America

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    teenager Guest


    Politics is organized money & nepotism. Wisdom is organized life.


    (1990 - present)

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    in my house


    I from the great state of Ohio LOL, and over 3 year's ago I ruined my shoulder I ripped it to shred's, and did everything I was told...but it took 1 year of pai and it poping out to even have a M.R.I over and over the w/c DR said there was nothing wrong, I had the M.R.I and it was a wreck then it took 2 more years for then to approve my surgery with all the proff they still would'nt allow it...and I worked until I could no longer lift my arm.when I finaly had surgery the had to repair every tendon in my rottar cuff my ac joint an laburm...and by the way there was no doubt where it happened, I had about 3 other people who saw ...some people just are not lucky to have someone on there side a decent w/c ajuster a good doc a good enployer..I think my point is XRAY you were lucky..I know I am from Ohio and all state's are different but you were lucky... I can't wait to get back to work and my life pre-injury but that is going to be a long time...take care

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