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    My w/c benefits were delayed for approximately 2 years on a basis that was proved untrue and simply to avoid liability. Has anyone known an IC to pay penalties retroactive for 2 years? I Know they are going to try to get out of it but the writing was on the wall. California 2000

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    maria Guest


    If you win your case, any benefits that are past due will be increased 10% with the payment. If not, you can seek up to 25% of the late paid benefits in penalty.

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    mfelde Guest


    im in the same boat! iam not optimistic about any retro ttd pay or penalty awards. my insurance co is fighting me tooth and nail and recently totally screwed me by cutting off my fun! losing everything i own little by little.

    my lawyer? im starting to have some serious doubts about him and wonder if i should just get rid of him and go it alone. i have an idea that hes getting ready to sell me out" and has really made a mess of my case by filing two amendments!
    it started with ct to upper extremities and internal injuries to my spine, now its .... added psyche and teeth" [tmj] oh goody! the psyche depo was very ugly! next day my ttd was gone! now the s.o.b wants to send me to another ame! i am terrified to go and should not have to! i already saw an ame years ago! i have filed complaints on the qme doctors including the ame who refuses to see me again and finish the final report and have written the judge a letter in my in my case asking for help.if my case has been accepted what the helll is going on? where are the pd advances?
    right now im ttd and p+s ?????? big headache! my lawyer keeps delaying making me p+s by my ptp and i dont understand why! im getting worse not better! this whole thing is very very ugly! thank god for morphine and sedatives! but my teeth are rotting out! not good! tired of eating beans! at least social security found me to be 100 percent disabled if not for that i would be homeless!. its still tough to make the rent! and absolutely nothing is getting done to fix me! i suppose i will just let my discs degenerate and let all the arthritis keep growing and just live with it what else can i do? im 48 and may live another ten yrs or so. i think the insurance co is hoping my death occurs sooner! rotten bastards are running my life!

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    confusia Guest


    MFELDE, their trying to sink my boat quickly, however I am the injured party and damn it Im not going away. We as IWs just can't afford to underestimate the adversaries by thinking they will do the right thing. Example, instead of paying covered medical benefits to QIWs, ICs hire expensive Financial Assassins who seek every loophole possible for the economic destruction of the IWs. Since filing a w/c claim for my injuries, I have had to pull a many knives out of my back.

    My suggestion is to Get well, stay on top of the w/c game &#40;and your atty&#41; and never turn your back on any of em. By the way, who in the <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> governs the IC&#39;s in California, the Bar Association?
    Maria, thanks for the info...

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    anon Guest



    Based upon your tirades in numerous posts, it is quite obvious that you think everybody is out to get you. By acting in such a manner, you put people on the defensive right away and it&#39;s no surprise they don&#39;t want anything to do with you. I think it&#39;s time to stop blaming everyonelse for your woes and start looking at yourself. If you stop the hating long enough, you will see that there are people out there who will offer their help and expect nothing in return except perhaps a thank you.

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