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    caligirl Guest


    I was injured in California in 2006.

    My employer made me use up all my accrued vacation time for the days I was out sick due to my injuries. PLUS they made me use up all my vacation for 2007.

    When I reached the maximum they allow employees to go negative on vacation, they stopped the paychecks.

    1. In California, are employers allowed to make injured workers use up their vacation and future vacation for sick days due to injuries?

    2. If my employer paid me a full day's salary OUT OF MY VACATION ACCOUNT, am I still entitled to temporary disability payments?

    3. In some states you can use your vacation to supplement disability payments. Is this the case in California?

    This is all very confusing to me.

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    chonky Guest


    Hey Caligirl. In my case, I used whatever vacation pay that I had EARNED to supplement my disability payments. I also used whatever sickpay I had left. It came out to about 550.oo a week for 5 months. It did not lower my disability payments. As far as paying you for your vacation for 2007 was either very generous or stupid of you employer. Who knows if your even going to be working in 07.

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    caligirl Guest


    So, I AM supposed to get disability payments even if I got vacation/sick pay??? Correct?

    Right now, WC is not paying me disability payments b/c I got vacation pay. There is a dispute.

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    caligirl Guest


    I spoke with an information officer at my local worker's comp board, and we DO get paid temporary disability payments on top of our vacation/sick pay.

    Thank you.

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