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    g.k. Guest


    In this area, under the heading Screwed Again,
    I suggested the creation of a list of individuals and agencies associated with the W.C. system.

    Please see 9-11-03 Post By G.K.

    Now this list doesn't only have to be about the scum associated with the Workers' Comp System, but it should also have the entities that are having a positive influence on injured individuals. After all, having knowledge of the good people is more important in reference to our health.

    Let me know what you all think.

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    anonymous Guest


    Everyone who posts on this site should be identified as well.

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    moderator Guest


    Why Anonymous??

    Keep the Faith

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    g.k. Guest


    Dear Moderator,

    If it's alright with everybody else maybe you can help us create a section for it. Just say the word, I'll be first to post.


    Provident Ins. Carrier
    Joe Smith Attorney
    Joan Smith Physician

    Contact: or PO box ...or 617-435-7658

    The contact should be anything a person would feel comfortable with.

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    moderator Guest



    And what help are you looking to create? A certain section with names and addresses of insurance carriers, points of contacts, etc?

    Plus my why question was to the anonymous poster. If I required everyone to post their information, then even he/she wouldn't be able to post as anonymous.

    Keep the Faith

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    anonymous Guest


    It's irresponsible (and a bit silly) to make a case for listing the identities of others while remaining anonymous yourself.
    The poster would also be admitting and accepting legal responsibility for the consequences that might come from such postings rather having it fall on this site or it's owner alone.

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    anonymous Guest


    kindof raises some red flags doesn't it?

    thers a site I go to that I have to have a regular name and pass word to post.
    its still a nick name not the real one

    funny that someone that chooses to be anonymous wants to know who everyone else is.

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    g.k. Guest


    Dear Moderator,

    The list would have the entities name, business or occupation, there location, and contact information of the person listing the entity.

    The reason for the list would be to inform other injured workers on their experiences with the entity, good or bad.

    Libel and slander would not exist because to begin with, the communication would be between the lister and the individual seeking information.
    Also telling the truth about somebody or something is an absolute defence to libel.

    I can understand why special interests would not like a list like this to exist. Information is power and the less information injured individuals have the more likely they will be abused by the system.

    The time has come to institute change,
    Justice Delayed, is Justice Denied.

    Thank you for your response, and I haven't forgotten about the digital survailance question posted before.

    As our government says,
    United We Stand.

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    moderator Guest



    I assume, this information your requesting to be posted, are doctors, w/c contact personnel, adjusters, insurance companies, etc????

    Keep the Faith

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    g.k. Guest


    Dear Moderator,

    Sorry for not getting back to you till today.
    I am in the process of joining a class action lawsuit against W.C.
    But in answer to your question, that's correct, anyone associated with an injured individual, could be listed.

    And thank you for this site and anything you might be able to do to see this idea through.

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