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    Default Payout Amounts After MMI

    I have a bulging disc L4-L5 and was put at %6 MMI by WC doctors and was just wondering what i can expect as far as a range on a payout for that rating-Im a 34 yr old lady who was working as a vet tech for 8yrs at the same job working with horses-which i can no longer do 'comfortably' without futher injury as it is a hazardous job working with large animals and resultantly lost the job- also where can i find info on attorneys that have sucessfully dealt with UF(university) WC cases in or near Gainesville FL-any info would be greatly appreciated-Thanks

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    This all depends on the date of accident. For dates of accident after 10-1-03 you will receive 2 weeks of impairment benefits for each percentage point or in your case 12 weeks. If you have not returned to work at a wage equal to or in excess of your pre-injury you will receive 75% of your compensation rate. If you have then you will receive 50% of your compensation rate.

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