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    Default What To Do After Being Hurt At Work

    My leg got crushed and knee got torn about a week ago. . My ankle and lower leg got hurt also but the hospital focused on my knee and did x rays on the knee put stitches in it and told me to see my workers comp doc. The next morning (this happened on a friday night ) the hospital called and said a specialist looked at the x rays and my leg may be fractured they recommend a cat scan and i need to come in for crutches and a leg brace, they also told me i need to see an ortho but i have to have my job send me. My boss calls and says if i can return and do office work it would be a good sign of faith. He had me come in that monday and fill out paper work. He decided he would describe it and i sign it. He told me to goto a certain doctor and i did. I told the doctor what the hospital said and he looks up at me like im lying and asks if i brought the x rays for him to look at to see for himself. I told him no and he laughed he asked how long do i want off of work do i want a couple weeks. I told him my boss and i worked out a way i can do office work but i want to make sure it isnt broke. He said its fine and wrote return to work. He told me to stop using the crutch and brace. I came back to work and even just sitting my leg started hurting and from the knee down was very cold to the touch. The only time it doesnt hurt is when its layed out straight like in bed or sitting with it on the table. I dont want to sue or get any money but i dont want to have anything that messes me up for life because a doctor was lazy. I am going back to see him tomorrow and ask for a cat scan. What should i do if the keep acting like there is nothing wrong? If i get the records from the hospital that say i need one will this workers comp doc do it? Also i appreciate the motrin the doctor gave me but it just isnt cutting it. Will it mess me up or look bad if i go to a diff doctor and pay out of pocket? What should i do?

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    I would get a Lawyer now, I understand you don't want you to sue and all that but you have to protect youself first,get the record's from the hospital ER, and also take the X-ray with you, and if he give's you any trouble go to another DR A.S.A.P, do'nt not mees around, the coldness you are feeling may be lack of proper bloodflow due to the injury, In my case I waited 4 year's to get a lawyer and that is how long it took me to get a real DR, and repatr all the damage that was done to my shoulder.... I am also a Nurse so please DO NOT let this person push you around, in the game of work injurie's you have to look out for yourself , and that is sad but true...... good luck

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    Could it hurt me to pay out of pocket to me my own specialist? I don't care about them paying it back, but if my specialist found something are they able to say "well you didn't see the right people so this diagnosis is invalid, see ours"?

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    Your own priviat i/C might not even cover it, because it is work related, if you can afford to go and pay 100% of it on yopur own, do it, but that still might not change the w/c comp's DR mind, also I would tell them that you want a second oppion NOW, DO NOT wait,.. this worker's comp thing is very trickey, I would realy call a lawyer,just so you can get the right medical treatment.. I ubderstand everything that you are saying, but you have to do what is right for you at this point, you are the one who was hurt

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    I really really dont want to get a lawyer and look like that to my job. But I also dont want to have anything permenant and have them say "well you didn't say anything". I got the records from the hospital that proved that they recommended a CT scan and showed the workers comp doc today, and after going round and round he is getting me an ortho. I just dont want this ortho to order surgery if it isn't needed just so he can make a buck. I can afford to pay 100% out of pocket without getting it back. If that is an option and one that would be very wise I want to do it. I don't have insurance, my 90 days (which is supposed to give it to me) was a week before the injury but my boss kept telling me it was too buzy to talk about it (my raise was part of the discussion so im sure that is the main reason he stalled), sadly if he would have done his job and given me the papers to sign for insurance , we could have handled this through that (I think, I've never had insurance before). But I do have money (I hoped to invest) that I can pay to get an expert to look at me if I have to. This doctor that they orginally (my job) sent me to is also a medicaid doctor so he is used to treating people with no other options, his office looked like it was out of the 70's.

    Do you think the ortho will try to do surgery even if it's not needed? I don't think I need it, I just dont want to come back to work , even sitting (my leg gets cold after about an hour, when you touch it you can see a noticeable difference) I just want to get better. The WC doc that saw me asked how long i wanted off work, I told him I talked to my boss and he has work that doesn't require me to stand , so he scribbles on paper "return to work". That's it, I haven't been able to come in after going back for 2 nights and have called but dont want to get fired because I'm not showing

    The other night I called and no one answered so I left a message in my supervisors voicemail, he claimed to never get it, luckily someone called me to check so it isn't a "no call , no show".

    A worker told me that they are afraid I'm going to call OSHA, these are people I respected and enjoyed working for and now they are acting like I've stolen from them.

    I don't want to go to an attorney unless my rights are being violated.

    But today the doctor tried to intimidate me, at this point I was through. I didn't give a crp if he was mad or not, when your advice for someone that just smashed and tore their leg open is "you need to excersize and walk on it" then it's time for me to see someone else. This man's practice is located in the worst part of town, and he deals with workers comp and medicaid. Bascially people with no other options, and when you have no other options certain types of people will try to take advantage of you. Am I doing the right thing? Would it hurt to go see my own ortho if the one they put me with starts talking crazy?

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    Sorry to say but the process of you being out of work sounds like it is already started. Once you are hurt, the employer (no matter how great of a person they seemed to be when you worked for them) has no use for you. Your best off getting an attorney, they can get you the proper medical attention you need, and they don't want $$ up front. Your employer is going to bend you over backwards at the first opportunity they get.

    CAUTION... Your in for a surprise if you think they are going to take care of you, or even if you think you will still have a job when your well enough.

    WARNING: consult an Attorney.

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    I agree 100% nobody is going to look out for you now, you have you have yo do it now, learn the Flordia worker comp law's and Please get a lawyer at least talk to one.
    as for uneeded surgery W/C wont approve that,You realy need to get to the Ortho.. you realy need to take care of this, and make sure nothing else was done, cold to the touch is not good, do have numbness and thing's like that? please take our advice and talk to a lawyer...and you have all the I/W on this fourm to suport you, you are in for a long battle

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