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    daisy Guest

    Default Reporting Fraud

    Where would you report blatant workmans comp fraud? Example: You are drunk and get into an altercation, injuring your shoulder. You file for WC, and stay on it for almost a year now, while living it on someone else's expense. I would believe this person was really injured had I not seen them firing a shotgun all day yesterday at the shooting range...with a so called "shoulder injury"!!!!!!! Is there anywhere this can be reported so that Honest people like you Guys, who are fighting so hard to get what you are entitled to, can avoid being smeared by lowlife's who want to scam the system?????

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    anonymous Guest


    Most states have a fraud reporting system either through their state's Department of Insurance or your local district attorney's office.

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    anonymous Guest


    I have a nieghbor like that. He is black and in good shape physically,but says he has a hurt back,but is constantly working on cars and uses his pick up to help "other tenants" move furniture. His wife is supposdely disabled too.She is about 5'6 550 pounds,extremely overweight. She sits in a chair on her front porch all day BS'N with different people. These people are an example of Fraud, which in workers comp is low.but according to WC were all fakes.

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    alaska Guest


    Same here. I am disabled on work comp. My neighbor who recently moved, is on work comp too for a back injury. He goes out fishing all the time. He even picks up his boat by hand to put it on his truck hitch. He is constantly out there fixing his fishing poles and practicing casting out. When I used to go to work, he was going to fish. I used to say, "what's wrong with this picture." However, he never got the P.I.'s or anything just constant checks. What's up with this kind of deal? How come he gets away with murder while I suffer with the work comp P.I.s etc. He didn't get any and had a good fun life fishing etc.

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    anonymous Guest


    Yeah i&#39;m 8:45 pm poster. I have lived here 10 years and it has always been the same. I would go to work {working 2 jobs 14 hours a day} and they would be just milling around acting like they didn&#39;t have any thing physically wrong with them. <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> he even helped me transport a chest of drawers i bought at a yard sale and not once mention his back. I am hurt now and wc treats me like a criminal.How can these people get away with this,better yet how can they respect themselves. It&#39;s frustrating...............

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    anonymous Guest


    What about the people who get sdi because they are drug addicts or drunks,or have fat children. This type of crap happens everyday and there is nothing we can do about it.

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    dp Guest


    Before reporting this &#39;fraud&#39;,you might want to be darn sure that the &#34;injured shoulder&#34; was used to support the shotgun. The FIRST questions YOU might be asked could be along the lines of how you know so much. Is this an Ex? An inlaw? you know what I mean. The next WILL be, if you knew a year ago that this person fraudulently reported a fight related injury, as a work related injury...why didnt you say anything sooner?

    The answer to your question, is as simple as reporting him/her to his EMPLOYER. The employer can and will most likely take it from there.

    ALASKA and 8:45
    You are injured workers...right?
    &#34;Whats wrong with this picture&#34; is that you both seem to be doing exactly what mainstream media has taught you....&#34;if you cant see the doesnt exist...IW&#39;s are frauds&#34;

    I have major problems with my back after a Work related injury. Failed lumbar fusion. You cant SEE IT, but the everyday pain sucks. The Drs have imposed many lifting, standing, and sitting restrictions. Does that mean I CANT do anything outside those restrictions? NOPE! It means in their opinions I shouldnt because it might aggravate my condition.

    Think about this for a second... If you are LABELED TTD...temporarily totaly disabled... should you even be typing on YOUR computer? Are you REALLY &#34;Totally disabled&#34;? It could be said that most everyone here is a fraud using this &#34;logic&#34;.

    Tongue weight on a trailer can be made VERY light...5-10 pounds to accomodate easy lifting. Fixing a fishing pole, or going fishing isnt a strenuous activity. In fact the guy MIGHT have to fish for his supper if he is on WC. If not, its not fraudulent to TRY to maintain a normal life and go fishing while on it?
    The only &#34;murder&#34; that your neighbor appears to be getting away with is &#34;fish murder&#34;. Mighty tasty in the frying pan.

    Just because you are on WC,doesnt mean you have to cease doing things you want to do.Want to enjoy the &#34;good fun life&#34; while on comp? Talk to your Dr about the things you want to do, if he OKS them...DO IT!

    DONT let some PI lock you inside your home in fear.

    You mention a &#34;black neighbor that Appears Physically fit&#34; but claims an injured back. Works on cars and Even &#34;helped you move a chest of drawers without complaining about his back&#34;.
    THAT doesnt make him a fraud anymore than you. Sounds like a guy that is TRYING to move on with his life. If he is on comp, he probably cant afford having someone else fix his car. MAYBE he works on other folks cars and HELPS others...just to pass the time....something to do instead of simply sitting there staring at the walls waiting for a check.

    You stated that you are hurt now, and WC treats YOU as some criminal. Its only possible because most people who can not SEE an injury, assume it doesnt exist. Too many TV &#39;specials&#39; watched.
    The &#34;fraudulent &#34;black man&#34; and his 500 pound lazy wife may just have a Dr or Lawyer that are better at documenting injuries than yours.

    FWIW....The insurers usually only waste money to send out PI&#39;s when something doesnt &#34;appear&#34; right.Taking too long to heal, documentation from somewhere that the injury was sustained while &#34;off the clock&#34;, Incompetent DRs or lawyers, or someone claiming &#34;you&#39;re&#34; a fraud, are just some examples.

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    anonymous Guest


    DP they also send them to discredit the amount of disability you may be claiming. That is the main reason they are after me. I have nothing to fear though. I am only claiming the disability as it is. It is they who want to get out of paying it as it should be valued at. The disability I have will be costly so they try and make it appear less. Just another reason for the P.I.

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    fasd Guest


    Yeah i question DP also. One week he is okay then the next week he has backproblems,then the following week he has cancer. Of course it&#39;s workers&#39;s comp fault. Before you get into other&#39;s claims take care of your own problems.

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    anonymous Guest


    8:29 that wasn&#39;t a very nice thing to say. You don&#39;t know all the particulars of anybody on here, including DP, except that you don&#39;t like him. That is the problem on here. I see nothing in his statement which states he is one way at one time and one way at another. As far as cancer is concerned, we all can get cancer even children. Everybody is welcome to make a comment here. But it should never be slamming!

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