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    Default Settlement For a Broken Wrist

    In January I fell on ice in parking lot at work and broke both bones in my wrist. I was taken by ambulance to ER and then saw a doc in my orhto's group because my doc wasn't in. He did manual manipulation/reduction and put a cast on up to my shoulder. I was off work 4 weeks and returned with a shorter cast - up to elbow. I spent almost 12 weeks in rehab.

    I was never offered any settlement and called the insurance co about this. They said they didn't offer a settlement unless the injured party requested one. ok, so I requested one. They sent me a letter offering $4,000, stating I had a 10% permanent loss of right hand. I thought this was low (the 10% loss part) because I still can't flex the wrist back and forth or side to side. It still swells, lots of pain, etc. I use the computer all day and use of the mouse for any length of time causes swelling and pain. I called the insurance rep and asked how this was determined and stated I felt it was a low percentage. She then said she could go as high as 15% and $6,000 and would send out a new offer letter.

    How do I know if this is a fair amount? I have searched for settlement information and can't find any. I am worried about future problems. The rehab therapist said people with this injury often end up with carpel tunnel and osteoarthritis.

    Do I need a lawyer or should I accept the settlement. Any and all advice would be so appreciated.

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    Get a lawyer

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    Noel is right...Get a lawyer. Even lawyers get lawyers. But, while getting a lawyer, knowledgeable in workers' comp, I would either get back to the treating ortho & advise him of the problems you are experiencing or get him to refer you for a second opinion to see another doctor. It sounds like there may be more problems going on there than they have identified. If that is that case, you do not want to close out your benefits by settling prior to making a full recovery or concluding all treatment. As to 2nd opinions, I always recommend that my clients see Drs. associated with teaching institutions, they are (if you excuse my pun) on the 'cutting edge'. Get the medical rolling & simultaneously contact a lawyer, locally, familiar with Illinois' workers' comp. Good Luck.

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