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    Hello, I have a question and hopefully someone out there will be able to answer. I go soon for a FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)and at my next visit with the doctor was told by my case manager will be my last visit. After having test the doctor will at that time of the visit, set permanent restrictions and a PPI rating. I was wondering if I will be able to draw long term disability (that I pay for when I'm at work)from my employer after workers compensation runs out. Since I will not be able to return to work with that employer. Does anybody know if I will be able to draw long term disability? And what exactly is a FCE test?

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    Check your disability insurance policy or contact the carrier to clarify if it excludes work comp injuries. Most don't.
    FCE Measures bodily movements and functions to see the effects of and injury or condition. Things like endurance, lifting capacity, range of motion etc. are measured while you perform various maneuvers.

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    Thanks so much for the information.

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