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    Default Widow's Benefits

    My Father died of complications due to colon cancer at 81 years old. He had been receiving workers compensation benefits since 1972 from a back injury he received working for TVA. My mother was informed that she would no longer get the check because Dad's death was not caused by the injury he was receiving benefits for.

    Anyone out there that can shed light on this. Is this a proper judgement.

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    yes, dependency benefits are only due from a work releated death

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    you may be entitled. Check with a lawyer or workers comp websites. Good luck.

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    I seen on one site ..look under Ky w/c that widows get half of the check the rest of their life or until they remarry, I was surprised to see that....try to find it, or I will and try to tell you where it's at..under Ky w/c statues or something..

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    I am drawing w/c and my lawyer told me that if I died, my wife would receive my benefits in one lump sum of what is left.

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