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    Default W/C Prices For the Loss of a Body Part

    Hi. My question is about the Kentucky WC, does anyone know if there is a fix payout for injuried employees who have the lost their spleen, the lost of movement on the right side of the body, lost of jaw function and lost of teeth, not to mention lost of memory.I'm not from Kentucky, Illinois myself where there is such a list from WC, my brother who was injuried in the line of duty as a Volunteer Fireman has suffered all these problems and much more. I know that Illinois WC has to make the person whole again by what ever means and when they can not they have to pay X number of weeks for the lost of body parts. It's been a long road with no help from anyone, have a lawyer their in KY, we are getting close to settlement time and I'm responsable for his choice, don't want to make a bad one for him. Please any advice would be great. He was given a 75% AMA rating, Have no idea if this is good or bad to be honest,and I'm taking him to a neuro to get his opinion on his brain function. Think that it's a crock too on how KY laws protect the Employer, not the Employee. That he can not sue The State of KY, the FD Department, or the fellow Employee who did this too him. Here in Illinois you bet, the State of Illinois would of been in civil suit along with the FD Department and the employee. What a change of life we have for only being a state away.
    Thanks again for any advise.

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    benefits are paid based on a disability rating.
    kentucky allows a 3rd party civil suit in addition to the comp claim - workers comp is entitle to be reimbursed from any recovery.
    75 % is a high rating.
    Check their work comp website for details

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    Hi. SH Thanks for the web site, Do you know if in KY if you can have more then one rating for AMA? Just found out by an IME report from WC doc that this rating is only based on the loss of his upper body and not on other problems that were disscussed in this report.

    See since this accident happened while they were travling to a fire call and it did not involve any other car (it was a single truck accident), that Kentucky does not allow law suites against employer or fellow employees. I don't understand why their is no negeligence law in Kentucky for this type of accidents. But thanks for the web site....

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    That's the original deal for all work comp injuries: employer only liable for civil or work comp but not both. Legislatures opted for work comp. you'll have to read up on your history to see why.

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    Arrow Re: Are their any fix price for the lost of body parts in WC?

    i to was once a volunteer fire fighter!!! iam sorry your brother was injured as one.. you could look around but i think that you can if you can prove it was the guy driving ifyou can prove it was hit fault and not an accident you could sue him in a civil suit ? thats what i understand .. dont be mad at the dept. your brother was doing this for free as a good dead !!!! not as his job . be glad that the state has given them workers comp

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