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    Default Determinations From A 207 Evaluation

    they will have me take another emg and bone scan to rule out a tumor. they will continue to pay my weekly wages until the tests are in. my job is being held till jan; but again it is fulltime. the adjuster mentioned that perhaps retrain me for another part-time job. if the diagnoses is chronic back pain which didn't exist before my injury, does that mean they are not responsible?

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    If the chronic back pain was aggravated or accelerated by the job, then they are responsible for getting it back to where it was before the injury; but they don't have to cure it.

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    Remember the Ajuster is out for WC. not you.
    Get a Lawyer.

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    hi there,
    just got word back that i do not have a tumor, rather they suspect muscle and nerve damage. they would like me to go to a rehab program. look for 3 hours work in a 75 mile radius. I have limitations or standing and sitting for short periods of time. my employer no longer has part-time work for me in school. what does this mean?

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    Ssd looks like your future

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