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    Default Bad Settlement Offer

    I injured my back at work in 2002 and since then I had to undergo five back surgeries now I have a spinal wire stimulator implant and a pedal wire stimulator. My doctors told me that I am unable to work again due to my limitations. I just received a settlement offer of $80,000 and one year of medical treatment. This just don't seem like a fair offer for me to accept when I have no health insurance anyway and unable to return to work. Please advise me if possilbe.

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    You would have to be insane to agree to that. Tell them you will see them in court.

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    See them in court that is unacceptable

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    Quote Quoting Tugboaters Wife 16 View Post
    See them in court that is unacceptable
    Have you looked at how old the post you are adressing?......14 years?

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