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    April 2, 2004

    Dear Department of Industrial Accidents/Workman

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    I, too, am an injured nurse in MA, injured in a car accident while working as a marketing rep for a network of hospitals. I, too, have been denied surgery, but because I have an open WC case that is in dispute. I, too, have pain all the time and need a spinal fusion operation.

    I have been putting many hours into trying to get media and now legislative attention for this problem. Please give me your email and I will get in touch with you. I am afraid of giving out my own email since I've been quite vocal and feel I'm being watched. yes, it's that bad. Please, please, I need you to tell your story to a couple of reporters, a congressman and Gov. Romney's office, which took my letter to him and turned it over to the DIA's human resources dept., although I can't understand why. THis needs HIS attention. Perhaps I can get a few of us together and take this to the state house or have the cameras come to your house. This abuse has to stop! I have had twenty five ortho and neuro spine surgeons turn me away when I told them I had WC. Please be in touch!!!

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    I'm forwarding your post to a Boston Globe reporter and a reporter at NECN. I've been trying for many weeks to get them to take this as a serious issue and do something with it. They are under the impression that I'm, the only injured worker in the state having problems. I'm working on finding more. We HAVE to get media attention, no matter what it takes.

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    Jana Christian: Are you still out there? If so, please post to the board.

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