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    I wad involved in a fatal car accident while on the job 3 years ago. I had been receiving "balance pay" from worker's comp when I was unable to earn my previous hours. I still suffer from PTSD (yes, three years later), and my question is, if the termination of weekly benefits happens, am I then also out of medical benefits. Or can the medical benefits be continued.

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    sh Guest


    Each benefit determination is separate from the liability determination of the claim itself. The different benefits i.e. disability, medical, dependency, rehabilitation, etc. have separte criteria for activation. It would not be very cost effective to pay for lost time when you are still working.

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    Deborah, if you are from MA please let me know how I can contact you. I am looking for IW in MA so we can try to get some justice. We need to look at CA as an example and get organized.

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    june Guest


    My workmans comp benifits were just terminated, with out notice!! This is my only source of income. will my medical still be covered. I too have been on comp for three years due to a work injury. I fear that i will soon be homeless. is there any recourse?

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    sh Guest


    If you believe it was done against the comp regulations you can make your arguments and appeal the decision to the comp board.
    For information on appeals under Massechusette comp law see

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