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    Default Attorney Fees If You Switch Lawyers

    I just read if your attorney isn't working for you fire him and get another. Wondering if I am liable for any fees since he was to work for a percentage.

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    yes. When benefits determined fees are split.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think there are such things as a "good" attorney anymore. If there is, I haven't found one in a LONG time!! Good luck in your search!!

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    Thanx anonymous ....for the positive strokes..... If you need the name of a good atty. in Michigan you will have to either e-mail me direct or post on the board so you can be e-mailed personally.....

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    Nothing personally Hockeylaw, but when your W/C attorney tells to you "starve", when you have no benefits coming in, and it takes a year to get a hearing, ya kinda get ticked at his profession, along with the system, etc. Sorry if it offended you. I'm sure there are "good attorneys" out there, but they are few and far between.

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    When your money is low, your pain is high, and you're feeling helpless and hopeless it is easy to direct your anxiety ar anger towards your lawyer like I did. I thought about getting a new lawyer several times because it seemed like no action was being taken but I hung in there. When the trial finally came I realized my lawyer had been working harder than I thought. He was busy getting past doctors' records, examinations, and evaluations entered into the record and by the time of the trial got the opposing attorney to stipulate to many points so all we had to prove was that the injury on the job was the reason I can't work today. So before you fire your lawyer sit down and see howw much preparation he has done. My case was won before the trial because of the hard work and efforts of my lawyer that I knew nothing about and since they do this every day it's easy for them to assume you know they are doing these preparations. I'm not saying all lawyers are like this. My first lawyer for Disability didn't do anything before the hearing even though I told him that both my doctor and my surgeon would testify to my condition. He didn't depose either so the hearing was decided completely on my testimony which the ALJ said was credible. So, ask your lawyer what he has done, get involved. If you haven't seen your surgeon in a few years make an appointment with him and refresh his memory before he gives his deposition so he doesn't have to go entirely off his notes. Not everything gets into the doctor's records and if your case has been going on for a few years the doctor or surgeon has had many patients since then so make sure you can refresh his memory of conversations you've had. Don't just sit back and assume your lawyer is handeling everything like I did with my first hearing. Even though all you want to do is avoid the situation get involved even if your lawyer and doctors seem too busy for you. Be relentless until you get the answers you want, especially if your lawyer had you sign a contract before he took your case. Another point, do your homework before choosing a lawyer. Ask anybody that has to do with the workman's comp field in your area. For example, My cousin works in risk management for a large company and has to represent them in court frequently so she knows the lawyers that do their homework and are really prepared when she goes up against them. Don't just limit yourself to one side when looking for a lawyer. After getting a list of good lawyers meet with them all before signing anything even though they will try to get you to sign. Ask specific questions pertaining to your case, the opposition's lawyer, the judge, the doctor whose IME was responsible for your case going to court and the lawyer's record with those people.

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    Bad attorney, Frank Partipplo and Robert Rowllins of Port Huron Michigan. They will make candle makers out of you.

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    Default Re: Attorney Fees If You Switch Lawyers

    Coney bear is a good work comp lawyer

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    Default Re: Attorney Fees If You Switch Lawyers

    This thread is from 2002...the last post was 2006... if you have questions, or information be a good idea to begin your own thread.

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