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    Default Employer Is Going Out Of Business

    Help, i was hurt at work 3 mos ago and am expected to return to work in 8 weeks, my problem is i have heard unofficially that the company i work for is going out of business and has already filed bankruptcy. I was told that i would not be able to return to my former job title due to my injury, and the compny had offered the ins. co. a supervisory position job for me to return to. My employer has said nothing to me about the closing, but what will happen to my comp. claim? Will i still be covered if the company goes out of business? What about my medical probs, and how will someone else hire me without experience in my new job title? Totally confussed here, does anyone know about this kind of thing?

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    The insurance company that sold your company the policy is responsible for the employer's work comp liabilitity whether they are still in business or not.

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    If it is Kmart good luck, they will starve you out, and try every ploy in the book. Take it from experience with Kmart.

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