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    Default Injured K-Mart Workers Rights

    If Kmart's proposed plan that is in court this very evening gets the go ahead from the bankruptcy judge, and the creditors vote yes to pass it, you will LOSE ANY WC BENEFITS and/or SETTLEMENTS. Why may you ask? Because they are still self-employed (yes folks that is right! A sinking ship is allowed more incoming water) and the proposed plan states all personal injuries and all other litigations (this includes all wc cases) will be offered a percentage of the claim. Not only have you been injuried at Kmart, you will also not be getting any wc benefits. Take arms and voice your opinions. Haven't they done enough damage? Now you will lose you medical benefits and medical care!

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    I'm sure you mean "self-insured" not self-employed.
    I'd be curious as whether any such agreement could over rule the obligations of the self-insurance guarenty fund that operates in each state for just such situations.

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    Yes I meant self-insured. Kmart stated "personal injury and all litigations deferred cash payments or a percentage of their claim". Kmart is pushing its proposed plan for the creditors. It must be approved/disapproved by Apr 4th. Kmart has the creditors over a barrel because they aree offering 40% payment on their debts to them. If they do not accept, then Kmart will not come out of bankruptcy, hence 0% payment. I want to know who lets a company in bankruptcy remain self-insured? The SEC, House Means Comm and FBI doing the investigation that is to be released the end of this month. Hence, coincedence the push for approval of plan. All I can say, the one beloved dynasty of the blue light has gone out. Enron findings will be nothing compared to Kmart....

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    Hello poster #1, please tell me more? What is going on? I am an ex-employee fighting for wc benefits? Does this mean I won't get any benefits? What happens to me? At this point the drs say I cannot work ever again? Help !

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    If the creditors agree to the Kmart proposal as is, then employees, ex employees, all personal injuries and all litigation for injuries will be offered a cash defer payments (way lower than should be, you'll be lucky if it covers your medical) OR a % of a claim (which will be way lower than you need to continue medical). The big question is what happened to the funds that was specifically put in the account for such things? All companies that are eligble for self-insured have to have X amount of money for such claims. In the first place, why were they allowed to remain self insured after declaring bankruptcy? Call or write you legislators and express your unhappiness. We are in boat that is carrying on water and sinking fast.

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