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    Default The workers compensation system sucks

    I have been off of work for about two years off and on now. I have had nothing but problems with the insurance company. Why do they get away with so much B.S? I mean the stall tactics they have are allowed and not penalized by the state or anything. Its not fair. While the morons at the insurance company is playing theor stupid games, my family suffers every day. Now I am getting just aggrivated and want to know if anyone has ever tried to really push for some reform? It needs to be looked at and fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Noone should have to put up with the stuff I have. I know Im not alone too. I am sure there is lots of people in the same situation I am. I wish all of us could get together and beat the govenors door down and tell him what we think.
    I have lost everything I own and had to file for bankruptcy, and now I may loose my house. And I know I wont get compensated for that!

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    o how true. my wife has been injujed for seven years now. we won in court but now they have appealled. i wonder if this happenend to one of our leg. if they wouldnt step in. this system is made for the lawyers how defend this crap, all they hope you do is die.. furhter more i own a business and have to pay for this crappy ins. for my employers.the injured get crapped on .

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    Unforturnately businessmen are not willing to pay for free health and disability for the rest of the country. Comp's designed so business pays only part and some injured workers have to really scramble to make up the rest.

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    Ever notice businessmen are only interested in business that makes BIG BUCKS. Small business is the ones that suffer in this system. They don't have the power of big business. It is the big business that runs the entire system since they have the money to pay for lobyists. This hurts those who are in small business because they don't have the capatial to keep up. Work comp insurance is a real burden on new small business just starting out. This keeps competition down for the big business. It is all part of the scheme of things.

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