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    pegleg Guest

    Default What should the amount of a settlement cover

    After almost 2 yrs the lawyer for the Ins Company has offered me a settlement. The only thing is that he wants to subtract the ammount paid to me while off work away from the ammount of the settlement. The offer is 15% on my ankle at a 155 week level. The Dr gave me a 12.5% disability. Any advise from others and thier experiences is greatly appreciated.


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    pegleg Guest


    By the way ....I am in MO. Had my second hearing on my settlement only a few days ago and now the lawyer representing my employer has already sent me an offer at a specific $ amount at the higher rating. If I take the higher settlement amount then I forgo all further treatment...etc.I have the lower rating payout no matter what. I am trying to settle this on my own without an attourney. This site has been of alot of strentgh for me so far. I do not usually add comments.....unless I seek some advise or support for those I feel can truely relate to this unexpected endever I am under going.

    I am just not sure about my payout for loss of income being deducted from this ammount (on this paper he wants me to sign) which is about 1/3 of the first #.

    I guess I should seek a lawyer. It's just that I know up front they will take at least 25% and my payout is not that much! Total payout on my rating looks good. Minus 1/3 not as impressive, and if I do get a lawyer I can subtract 1/4 for them.

    This injury will always be a disability for me. It may require more medical attention later in life, like replacement of the hardware (I have a metal plate on one side, pins on both sides, which literally holds my ankle together) arthritis is a problem as least I think it is

    Any advice is welcome.

    Blessing to ALL,

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    fallen Guest


    hey pegleg, I am also an injured worker in mo. it is my understanding that your total temporary disability payments are not to be deducted from your lump sum settlement amount in mo. other states are different though. i am no lawyer though, and only know what i have learned on websites and from my own lawyer, what i am saying is do not sign nothing till you know for sure. try going to then go to workcomp injuries mo. for some quick answers.

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    don Guest


    I am in Misouri and torn my right rorator cuff totally in two ( destroyed it) on aug 27th 2003. I had surgery in oct 2003, and been on light duty since nov 2003. I am returning to full duty next week and have a definate disability. At what % dont know and wont till may 2004. Does any one know how they will do rating and how it would pay if I didnt get a lawyer. They have been good to me and I work for a Missouri state facility. Any one had any simialr exp. oh I am also right handed and an electrician, Doctor has already told me of some of my liitations. Any help .. Thanks

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    anonymous Guest


    Final ratings are based on doctors

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    john Guest


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    dustin Guest


    hi was rated 2 % do you know what the missouri payout lump sumw ould be on that

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