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    Default Mediation Hearing

    I fell at work last year and after sessions of PT and Steroid Injections, had an MRI and Mylogram was showed I had an cervical ruptured disk with cord compression and bulging disk below it along with low back problems as well. WC had sent me to their doctor who having seen me through most of the year, recommended surgery. As soon as surgery was mentioned, they had me go to a IME who said he agreed had the injury but didn't think would help alot. He sent me to work hardening and then had a FCE which concluded I could not lift/push/pull over 15 lbs. Then the IME told me these restrictions were permanent and released me with no surgery/meds/medical help-nothing. My employer then called me in and said I couldn't do my job and they said they would have to let me go. I took my vacation and my employer then said they would consider FEMA. I then realized I needed a lawyer (I thought naively that being there 25 years would treat me right) WC still will not treat me further saying I can do some kind of work. (Their IME has released me. When I talked to the adjuster before I got an atty. I asked for a 3rd opinion they said they were going with the IME opinion) Anyway, now I have a mediation hearing coming up next week. Any suggestions in how to handle it? Thanks

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    I would say let your lawyer do all the talking unless they spcifically direct you to give information.

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    What kind of questions could they ask?

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    Do you mean FMLA? Yes, use it as your case plays out. Your Attorney should be on top of this.

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