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    wishtobedead Guest

    Default Reimbursement For Mileage

    Hello out there!
    This has happened not once but twice in my 10 year battle with the shitheads who are: SIF. I can't go anywhere without their authorization, right? So, OK, right after my reinjury, I see the surgeon who operated on me (sound logical to you?). So, I make one round trip--he states at that time, that he saw that my disc was herniated...the same one he had fixed! So, I get a referral in Syracuse...and went to see this guy. And then, back to the original Dr. Well, I live in a tiny little town in the Adirondacks--It's 200 plus miles one way to see these Drs....SIF had the balls to tell me that they have determined that this is excessive mileage and I was not reimbursed a dime!
    Now, and years later...they have me going to a pain specialist...I&#39;ve been making 142.4 round trips since early November of last year...11 trips in total! SIF&#39;s very own Gerard Fulop had the balls to tell me: that this mileage was excessive...and to be fair and reasonable, he&#39;s going to pay me for 60 mile round trips!!! Does anyone know if this is even legal??? I told him that I would drive exactly 30 miles, park my car and wait for the SIF limo to take me the rest of the way...I hope this strikes a nerve with this sleazy <FONT COLOR="ff0000">•••••••</FONT>...but, I doubt it. I hate them, and sadly I hate my life and wish I could just lie down to sleep and never wake up!!! Does THIS sound familiar to anyone else? Please respond,,,,I&#39;m seriuosly considering eating my entire pain-med script...all at once! 10 years of scrutiny, dehumanization, and abuse are all I can bear....Since this is a life or death posting, I&#39;d appreciate it if my words didn&#39;t get deleted!

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    just Guest


    Good Morning - Do not make a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Chin up and don&#39;t let them win-FIGHT!

    The NY mileage reimbursement rate was 34.5 cents per mile. However, that may have changed. Certainly if wc authorized the travel for treatment, they would be obligated to pay the total mileage. Question - Did you request authorization to go to these distance specific treatment centers -instead-of receiving the same treatment that is available locally??? If you did, that may be a problem.

    I would suggest that you contact Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for assistance.

    Good Luck. God Bless.

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    sh Guest


    Workers comp is a voluntary program. You are not legally required to participate; you can walk away any time.

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    just Guest


    SH - With all due respect, I do not feel that is a fair reply. I know you are very knowledgeable on the wc laws and have been helpful on this forum. Thank you.

    Have a nice day.

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    moderator Guest


    What&#39;s voluntary about being disabled?
    What&#39;s voluntary about your financial security being placed in the hands of greedy insurance companys? What other option would an injured worker have? How would the common worker suddenly pay for his medical and living expenses? I don&#39;t see where there&#39;s a choice..if there was, there would no longer be a need for this forum.
    I sure don&#39;t remember volunteering to be thrown into this corrupt system.

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    just Guest


    Good point, Tony. I certainly agree with you.

    Again our thanks to you for helping to provide this free iw forum for us.

    Have a nice weekend.

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    sh Guest


    You are right, my comment did need more context. It&#39;s was not meant to be a &#34;give up&#34; statement. but a reminder that we still have the ultimate choice in whether to continue the fight.

    Some get so focused on the fight so addicted to the struggle, they lose themselves. So consumed with getting what they are owed they forget to see other options or what they&#39;ve become. Revenge and anger take whatever the injury didn&#39;t damage already.
    While we didn&#39;t have a choice on whether to be injured, we do on how we respond to the situation and what kind of person we become because of that choice.

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    crybaby Guest


    Create detail invoices for all the mileage you traveled, parking, etc. Then, send the IC these invoices, with return receipt. If they don&#39;t pay, do a 2nd request. Then do a 3rd request. At that point, have your attorney &#40;assuming that you have one&#41; take this issue to court for the judge to order the IC to pay up. Sometimes, that&#39;s what it takes to get reimbursed. Just be sure to document everything up the gazooo. Also, you can submit a written request to get assigned to a doctor&#39;s office that is as close as possible to your house..but I&#39;m not sure if that&#39;s good or bad depending on what doctors are available.

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    becareful Guest


    yep that is what you need to do
    or you could demand to speak to the supervisor and be nice but firm in your request to be paid.
    Mileage is a small part of their expense.

    ps sh fo ah

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    wishtobedead Guest


    Thanks for the most part!
    I did put in all the paerwork on the corrct forms, I saw this chiro outfit because my pain-Dr ordered it...this decision was NOT a whim on my part! And, after 3 days of driving myself crazy with bad thoughts....really bad thoughts! I DID make an effort to logically work through this problem--I contacted the Chiro/pain specialist to get them to contact NYSIF. The real tragedy here is: I want to go back to my former job and try to forget all of this nonsense! Nothing could be better...yet, it&#39;s this damned insurance co which seems to block every path towards that end! My health should be my main concern as I&#39;m so bad that I can only walk for 5 to 15 minuts--my legs totally &#34;go out&#34; on me! Also, it&#39;s bloody dangerous for me to walk in the winter--I&#39;ve taken some bad spills because I can&#39;t feel my feet! NYSIF stopped my P/T...told my last chiro they would only allow 2 visits per month, and generally tries to screw with me by holding up checks for months and months...I&#39;m in total ruin, I&#39;m broke and my car is dying &#40;&#39;86 Olds Cutless&#41;. They&#39;ve essentially ended this treatment just when I finally made a little progress! And,,,so it&#39;s been for the last 10 years! There ought to be some laws! &#40;oh yeah, there are!&#41; Why then are we being persecuted?

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