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    Default Can You Be In The Workers Comp System For Life

    Is it a game the IC plays trying to get the IW to take a settlement knowing that if the IW remains within the system the IW will probably get more?
    Is it better to try and work for you and your family and risk this IC crap, or it better to just live off the government's welfare system, you'd probably be treated better and have more benefits and receive more money!!

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    notu Guest


    what u mean?
    u don't want to work?

    hope u get better

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    maria Guest


    The "game" of the IC is that they only have so many employees to handle your files. The more files that remain open, even after PD settlement, if the medical remains open, someone has to man those files. So, it makes sense to settle as many as is reasonable through a cash buy out of the medical.

    Sometimes the IC pays more than future medical may be worth because the doctors put in a 'possible' future medical situation, and they have to pay something to buy it out. Mostly the IC is trying to buy out medical at a reasonable price and will pay a discounted figure.

    Bottom line, if both sides do not agree, there is no buy out and the case remains open for life, even if not used.

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    Thanks for the info and I would agree that they may be undermanned but it also seems as if there is a lack of common sense in some of their decisions or lack of.

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    I agree

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