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    Default Heart Attack

    Does anyyone know of a WC approved case for benefits where an employee sustained a heart attack while working?

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    anonymous Guest


    Yes, but it happened on Ohio WC

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    anonymous Guest


    If you are in NY, there are many legal decisions regarding the compensability of heart attacks.

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    anonymous Guest


    its more likely than not that if you have an MI on the job, it will be found compensable.

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    I would imagine there were be so many factors involved. Like medical history, etc. It may be hard to prove that it is work related. I developed diabetes suddenly and WC wouldn't accept it, even though my doctor wrote that it was work stress related. No history in my family etc. Still in litigation on that one. WC is however paying for my meds. Go Figure !

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    If you lose, you may want to consider how you will pay work comp back for their medical expenses. That may come back to bite you. Just a thought. Not sure on that one, but it may be something to consider.

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    george Guest


    I work at a pharmacy that deals with mostly workers comp prescriptions. (we are located in Queens, NY) There is a doctor in Brooklyn, Dr. Scarpa, who has many WC patients who have suffered heart attacks on the job. I have never met this doctor, but we take care of about 20 of his patients, and they have nothing but good things to say about him. Basically, what I am saying in response to the OP's question, is yes, there are WC approved cases for HA on the job. I hope you or no one you know had one.

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