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    Default Help For Injured North Carolina Workers

    As you may have noticed this website is for injured workers. It's only purpose is to inform, assist and provide injured workers with tools to allow them to communicate on a national scale. As well as having the ability to ask and answer questions in the forums they provide the opportunity to network reform efforts and exchange ideas in a common meeting place. If you find good info online, post it in the forum. Ideas? Post them here. Meetings and updates specific to your state? Post them here and encourage others to visit often to keep current on what's going on in your area.


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    Default Re: For injured workers

    Beasley, you and Ironfoot need to PLEASE contact your state legislators and give them an earfull about how bad the current system is. Tell them about your own experiences. This is important because insurance companies and business lobbyists are going to be pushing a "reform" bill through the NC General Assembly this year. It will be an ugly one. Their goal is to REDUCE the benefits paid to injured workers. They also want the ability to have the adjuster pick up the phone and call your doctor and tell them anything about you, good, bad, or a lie, and get away with it. If you think it is bad now, wait til the insurance and Chamber of Commerce folks re-write it. The only thing that will stop it is for injured workers and their families to call their legislators and tell them the truth about the work comp system. So PLEASE do it!

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