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    Default Workers Comp for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    I was an employee of Homeland for 23 years, I filed a workmans comp claim for carpal tunnel last year and just had the first surgery last month. We still have not recieved any weekly compensation the attorney says they say there is a break down in the adjusters office. Has anyone else ran into this prob?

    I am scheduled for hand and elbow surgery Monday and also have rotator cuff surgery planned for the near future.
    .mean time due to other health complications (high blood pressure) I have been unable to work at homeland for 1 year. In a couple of weeks I will be terminated from that job because you are only allowed to be off for one year. Also I have almost total stiffness in my right ankle and have trouble walking. According to the attorney this is not a workmans comp related injury and I disagree, I had broken the ankle before starting to work for homeland in 1981 but according to research I have found that working in cold or cool temperature hastens the symptoms and worsens the degree of artritis ( I was a meat cutter)..does anyone have any knowledge of Oklahoma Workmans comp and arthritis and lastly.. I was bumped from my position as head meat cutter last year which lead to my medical leave causing severe mental trama( losing job after 23 years and aggrivated by favoritsm) the doctor wanted me to go to a psychriarst however I did not, now we are also having to pay cobra insurance and only have my wifes salary. Im sorry but I have not found any other place to ask these questions. If you can help or offer any advice I would appreciate it.

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    Disputes are decided by a work comp judge. Before you can expect a favorable decison on your ankle, you'll need a medical opinion that your condition is due to the job. Any other questions in your post are not as clear.

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    I have a question. This is so far the only place I have found that I can ask without people looking at me as though I want something.I have carpal tunnel in both wrist as a result of driving a fork lift/clamp truck for the past 14 months. So far I have had no problems with my company with dr. appts and everything but I will probably end up having surgery before Christmas. I have been told by the safety person for the company I work for that I won't be able to go back to doing what I was doing but in the warehouse, what else is there to do? There are no office jobs available there either. I went to work to help pay bills off and if I get let go because of this, how will my bills get paid off with only my husbands salary and we're raising three sons. I'm not one who believes in sueing and trying to get something for nothing but this is my future we are talking about here. How do settlements with the companies work and what are my options? I live in Oklahoma and I know absolutely nothing about workmans comp. Can you help me out here? Maybe give me an idea of how these things work. I am a very independant person and used to doing things when I want but having carpal tunnel has pretty much put an end to my active lifestyle. Thank you.

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    Kari - First off - why does the safety director feel you won't be able to return to your job once you have CTS release done? Does he have a magic crystal ball saying that it won't help you??

    The reason I say this is because from now on when he says it - write down the time, date, and who was a witness to it. He can not tell that you won't be released to full duty after the surgery. And if the job still falls within your restrictions - then yes they will try every way to get rid of you - even saying if you accept a settlement that you have to terminate employment - but that is not the truth.

    The SB 1X went into effect in July of this year. You can read what one of the members of the gov. task force has to say about it.

    I can't tell you that there won't be restrictions after surgery or whatever treatment options you have available to you. What I can tell you is that most of those that I know that had CTS surgery did return to their previous jobs - and that was at a meat packing plant - where they are constantly using knives.

    Everyone is different. The main thing you can do for yourself at this time is start reading OK state code and famaliarize yourself with it. There were many changes this year. Now there is a set time limit that you can collect TTD when you are off work, anything past that has to be extended by a judge.

    I am glad that the company is not giving you any problems as far as seeing doctors and so forth. That is normally a good sign. Most know carpal tunnel is an occupational illness that comes from doing repetitive work.

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    My wife works for the state of oklahoma as a nurses aid, her shoulder was injured by a patient, her doctor put her on light duty pending test ie mri they told her they have no light duty so she must stay home, she has been told her time off would be taken out of her accrued sick leave, is this not covered by workmans comp? the injury happened at work.we can't afford for her not to get paid and I do not know the law or her rights.We cant afford a lawyer.any advise?

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    Generally a lawyer is paid only out of benefits obtained. Oklahoma has a 3 day waiting period for which disability is not paid. Your wife can find out more about Oklahoma's comp system by calling the
    Counselors Department (405-522-8760 or in-state toll free, 800-522-8210). You can visit their website as well

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