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    jacq. Guest

    Default Hurt On The Job

    Greetings, for the first time in my life , i have been off work. I have two herniated discs in my back. My boss helped me move the first five, then told me to finish up , well i finished up two, blown discs!! L5-S1,L4-L5.been to three drs. now neurosurgeon says that i need surgery. can anyone tell me about similar injurys?? Do i have to have surgery?? im desperate 4 info...pack mule no more..

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    sh Guest


    It's not rare that a surgeon wants to do surgery; To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    You've been to 3 docs so you know there are few answers. Chiropratic can sometimes relieve the pain for a while but often it doesn't last. Same with physiotherapy. Many believe the biggest difference is time i.e. after a year just as many non-surgeries recovered as those that had surgery. I've seen the best surgical results when the injury was suddened and traumatic.

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    anonymous Guest


    Try and see dr. butters in Eugene, I have heard he is one of the best. the next is the professor of orthopedics at the university of Washington Medical School. Fried of mine had his arm torn off and the doc in Washington was the only one who could carry out the operation. Be very careful of docs that Saif send you too. They are paid by Saif so you may not be getting the best advise or surgeon. Do your research.

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    melissa Guest


    hello everyone,
    i have recently been injured at work. i had my thumb amputated. i am not sure where i go from here.

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    dh Guest


    melissa, you may get more info posting on the general forum site.

    Your employer should have filed a WC claim, if he hasn't you should request that he does so.

    When I first had to file I called the state WC office for advise, it is under the state government section in the phone book. They were most helpfull in allerting me to what I had to do. Most of the forum members eventually retain good WC attorneys to help represent them as the laws are so complicated.

    You did not mention if they were able to reattach the thumb or not. If they were able to you have months of physical therapy, if not occupational therapy and the permanent disfigurement. I would really suggest an attorney but the state office is a good place to start.

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    anonymous Guest


    It's really only necessary to notify your employer and doctor about the work injury. They'll suppy you with forms and start the claim process. For more detailed information you may 1)contact your employer

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    anonymous Guest


    I have a thorasic strain with lumbar strain which both occurred from work on Sept 8 2003. now on sept 15 i saw the doctor. The doctor intially didnt think i ijured my back he suspected kidney stones. So after tests reveled nothing, abdominal ct, flex sig (that was fun not)
    the doc said ok you have a back injury. By this time it is now sept 30 i was sent to a occupational doc. (which in my opinion are worhtless)He agreed you have a back injury and gave me 2 choices physical therapy or chiropractic.I choose chiro. Chiropractor agreed I have a back injury. Everyone agrees I have a back injury. SAIF of Oregon DENIES THE CLAIM SAYS THERES INSUFFICENT EVIDENCE! okie dokie. I get an attorney A really fat one that drives a BMW and proceed to go after SAIF. I have a hearing on January 16 2004. Im curious what to expect.

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    anonymous Guest


    Anonymous - Expect nothing, that way you won't be disapointed. Seriously.

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    g.k. Guest


    That is good advice by anonymous, expect nothing.
    Reason is because you don't know who is who yet, both on your side and the other.
    Do stay very alert, and take notes if possible, you will find out soon enough where you stand with your attorney, and your situation in general.

    Good luck

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    anonymous Guest


    An addition to my 12:38 Post...Review all your notes and documents before the hearing. Even make yourself notes to take along with you. Don't be afraid to speak up if you have documented facts to present even though your attorney wants to do the talking. My attorney said a lot of 'nothing' and gave me a glare when I challenged the hearing officer with facts that proved the ho statement was not accurate. I, still today feel my attorney wanted to prolong the case. Make notes and becareful because you have NO friends in wc, even yhour attorney. Speaking from past experience. Best Wishes and don't be nervous or let them intimidate you. Keep your chin up.

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