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    Keyword here is: MRI of the T & L Spine. Another Keyword? Second opinion by a REAL surgeon. Either an OSS or a Neurosurgeon.

    Demand that your Attorney address these vital issues at the Hearing. Remind him/her that you already have an "Objective" medical opinion of back injury. Be certain that this finding is in fact, DOCUMENTED.

    1. MRI
    2. Appointment with a Surgeon
    pending the results of the MRI.

    Luck Be With You!

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    g.k. Guest


    My Ex-attorney got paid by the hour.
    The prikc new that my complaints were legitimate and he could make a fortune with me knowing what kind of excrement W.C. is, or maybe they were in it together, who knows.
    The fact is that if it's in their favor to prolong your case, the bastedr will surely do it.

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    anonymous Guest


    GK, you and the 1:30 PM poster said it well. Thank you both.

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    anonymous Guest


    Yes, they did. Very well!

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    this is from my original post 12/15/03 11:25am
    I have since talk to my attorney. He shed some light on things what I thought was curious is this a denied claim and according to my attorney they made an offer to pay my medical plus 500.00. Im like ok but i thought my claim was denied why are they making an offer before the hearing. It seems a little strange.

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    I was also offered money before we saw the doors of the courtroom. I thought that was strange also especially since they denied me and chose to take it to court. I can promise you it was much more that $500.00. I assume they thought I would take the money and run but the joke was on them. I am over 4 years into my claim after 6 spinal surgeries and continuing pain. Yes, they are taking care of me medically and with indeminity benefits also. I suppose they know now that I was not in this for the money. It has cost them far more than what they offered me to get rid of me. All I wanted was what I was entitled to.
    My advice to you is, "BE CAREFUL, BE VERY CAREFUL" as they are out to get rid of you ASAP. Good luck to you and Happy Holidays! Take care!

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    anon Guest


    Thanks Mjc for the info. It looks like it isnt unusual for SAIF to pull this. Im not a greedy person but I told my attorney to counter offer when it was appropriate for the amount of my wage loss over the past 3 months plus a little extra I hink thats reasonable. Consider had they just accepted my legitement claim to begin with none of this would be an issue. My attorney says the money they offer will be based on the chances of winning in court. If SAIF feels they would have a 50% chance of winning in court that = 50% of what your asking for, if what your asking for is not unreasonable.
    Or something like that. Anyway this whole thing has been a nightmare mostley because of SAIF.
    By the way I wonder if SAIF reads any of theses messages!

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    tim Guest


    I here alot of folks complain about the the system we have in Oregon regarding SAIF. I honestly don't think with all the complaining we have a chance of beating them. I was discussing this with my lawyer who has been battling with SAIF for 13 years and has yet to see any changes happenning with the legislature to force SAIF to work within fair and balanced perameters. It seems it set up to help the employer not the employee. Im sure we've all visited a occupational you would know what Im talking about. They dont care about you all they care about is there bottom line and SAIF's bottom line. YOUR OWN F***ING DOCTOR TURNS AGAINTS YOU! Like mine did. Even when all the evidence according to my primary care physician and my lawyer said "you have a back injury". Its total BS. Its all about the bottom line. They dont care that I can never drive truck again they dont care that I have to back to school at my expense to retrain myself to make money and live in this state. I'm tired of this. I wish there was something I could do. All I can do is go on this forum and others like it and complain which goes nowhere. Pardon me for whining.

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    anon Guest


    Update: I beat them I beat SAIF. They even apologized for denying the claim in the first place!

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    don Guest


    does anyone know how to decipher a compensation report? I just won a case here in alaska and refuse to aknowledge theyr'e findings

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