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    Default Re: Experiences with Sedgwick Claims

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    DO NOT TRUST SEDGWICK ! Lies and more lies,my checks were late so i called....our printer is broken....the claims manager has a cold....the claims manager had to take his mother to the doctor....there's a glitch in the system...the checks in the mail...they didnt pay my therapist for 5 months so they filed a petition with the state and won,sedgwick was forced to pay 10 percent more because of the lateness of the payment,i have been waiting since january for specific loss payment,i even have my company calling them and they get the same beware.
    I fell off a ladder 8ft in the air at the end of Dec and went to all of their spots. They would only pay for 3 wks of therapy. Continued working, which I do a lot of driving. What was injured was what???? my driving foot...
    The job didn't care nor did Sedgwick. My adjuster never called back. Finally made them get me a appt with a Ortho doc in Feb and he gave me a shot in my ankle and put my foot in a boot. They made a nurse go to every appt, who was there before me and would talk to the doctor before they saw me ..
    Second appt with this doctor, he told me there was nothing wrong with me and he was sending me back to work..
    Even when you can hear a clicking in my ankle and me having numbness in some of my toes. Oh, and still feeling a lot of pain..
    I was lucky, it has been over 90 days and I made a appt with my own doc.
    From the first visit, he found two things wrong. The clicking was a possible torn tendon and the pain was from another tendon that you can only see what is wrong with a special ultrasound test..
    Go back for my results...
    Two torn tendons in my ankle!!!
    The same ankle their doctor said nothing is wrong..
    Now, they stopped my checks and I am calling almost everyday to talk to that stupid adjuster..
    I finally got his supervisor who switched me. I have not received a check in 3 wks and rent, car insurance and all my bills are late. And they don't giva a damn. I told them if thus continue, I will be talking to a lawyer. After that, I received a check in the mail and is waiting still for my back money. It is now June and I have a cast on my foot for a injury that happened 6 months ago..
    They are horrible...

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    Default Re: Experiences with Sedgwick Claims

    Doesn't do any good to threaten with an attorney, GET ONE, let the atty handle these disputes.

    Neither your ER or Sedgewich is there to "care" about you...your ER pays a wage for the work you do, Sedgewick pays WC benefits.
    Sedgewick is a TPA/Third Party Administrator for self insured employERs...

    BTW... this thread is pretty old, be a good idea to start one of your own.

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    Default Re: Experiences with Sedgwick Claims

    Worse WC Insurance company Ever!!! No correspondence. No call backs. Was inform by insurance claimer I get a call back at 230 pm today and as usual no response. It's like talking to my four walls getting absolutely no where. I suggest for anyone that works for Turkey Hill expect not to get anywhere when it comes to you being able injured with their WC insurance conpany

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    Default Re: Experiences with Sedgwick Claims

    Quote Quoting Scar Tissue View Post
    If you are talking about Nurse Case managers that handle your claims, tread very lightly with them. They will act as if they are your Best Friend, when in reality their Job is to get you back to work A.S.A.P., and sometimes when you aren't even Healed. be very careful what you say, it could come back to be used against you. I had Concentra, and the first thing my Attorney did when I Hired Him was to send a letter to my NCM that she is to have no contact with me, everything had to go through him, and she was not to go in the exam room with me at appointments. Getting rid of my NCM was the Best thing that ever happened to me, and you will come to find out the same should your Attorney do the same thing mine did!!
    I work at Office Depot, who does not subscribe to works compensation in Texas. Instead they use these criminals, Sedgwick. I hurt my shoulder back in December of last year. They wanted me to go to physical therapy before even doing an MRI when an x-ray found no issues. Before my injury I was lifting 30 pound boxes over my head to put into top stock. After the injury and to this day, I cannot raise my arm over 30 degrees away from my side. I have to complain to them to get an MRI. Once I got the MRI report, it showed I had a torn rotator cuff and 2 labral tears. The labral tears are what is causing my in ability to raise my arm. The physical therapist took a look at the report and indicated there was nothing they could do for me, that I needed surgery and wished me luck getting it. On March 15th of this year, after one of their doctors reviewed my MRI report and indicated that there was wear on my uninjured shoulder that combined with my age, they determined that it was pre-existing??? So how come I could left boxes before and now cannot lift my arm? I am now looking for an attorney sue them, Office Depot, or whoever I need to to make this right. Problem is I work at Office Depot, don't have any money, so now am going to have to find an attorney that will work probono, if that even exists. I can't even tell you how I feel about Sedgwick as it would require adjectives not allowed on this forum!

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    Default Re: Experiences with Sedgwick Claims

    You should start a new thread in the Texas forum. Workers' comp lawyers work for contingent fees, and will not represent you pro bono. Nor is there a need for that if you have a decent case.
    The North Carolina Court of Appeals has held that "In contested Workers' Compensation cases today, access to competent legal counsel is a virtual necessity." Church v. Baxter Travenol Labs, Inc., and American Motorists Insurance Company, 104 N.C. App. 411, 416 (1991).

    Bob Bollinger, Attorney and Board Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law

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