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    Default Changing the Rhode Island Workers Compensation Laws

    Does anyone agree with me that we need to change the Rhode Island Workers Compensation Laws? The inusurance companies are getting away without paying and families are suffering.

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    Stacy. I'd think it would be hard to find anyone who disagrees with you. That's why sites such as this exist.


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    Default Re: Changing the Rhode Island Workers Compensation Laws

    the only time they change laws is when big business leaves the state or insurance premiums go through the roof the last chang in comp in ri was in 1989 i think but if they changed the laws know they wouldnt help people hurt like you and me but will screw peolpe like you and me more because the only good employee is a unhurt employee so were all screwed we suffer and our familys suffer they should change the laws so that our familys could sue for mental stress then they would be interested in helping people like us instead of screwing with us you got to hit them in there pockets thats the only thing that would work i........

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