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    how long does it take for a workmens comp case to settle

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    Each case is different.

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    1-3 years is normal depending on how complex the case is.

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    I injured my back in late feb. of 03 and ended up needing surgery for a herniated disc in june of 03. My back and left leg and foot have just kept on getting worse ever since. I finally got a hearing in sept. 05 and they have just ruled in my favor for total disability with permanant medical benefits to be paid by the insurance company. This means that i will get 500 weeks of my 2/3rds minus the 3 years of weeks I have already gotten and full medical to boot.

    I got a letter from my lawyer today stating that they are willing to go ahead and pay me in full plus give me an extra 5k if I will sign a statement cutting them loose from medical responsibility. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!! 5k won't even cover my doctor visits and meds for 7 months. This seems like blackmail to me, the kicker is that if I do not sign off they will appeal, what a crock. This injury has cost me my life already, I lost my family and most of my belongings with them in the past three years.

    I will have to wait and talk to my lawyer on monday since I got the letter on a saturday but I'm hoping that they are just lowballing me and the 5k is negotiable. I am so ready to get this over with so I can get on with my life. My gut tells me no way do I take less then 50K for medical but I'm not sure how long an appeal will take, they have already eaten up 3 of the 10 years that I will be awarded. Then again what if I don't win the appeal. I JUST LOVE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!!!! Legal Mofia if you ask me, we are just paying for protection right.

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