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    bradley Guest

    Default Surgery on the elbow for tendonitis

    I was trying to find out if anyone has had to have the surgery on their "elbow", for tendonitis,and if so ,did it help,and did workers comp pay for it,and did you receive any compensation for your injury,your permanant scar,and your lost time from work.

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    anonymous Guest


    yes if it's caused by the job you are entitled to work comp benefits. Contact your employer right away.

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    anonymous Guest


    You folks work in shifts or what ?
    Already have a half A--ed answer to a post that wasn't even specific.

    Time for the next groupie to take over for awhile. Looks like somebody is ready for a break!

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    aanonymous Guest


    tendonitis is not treated by surgery, it is an inflamation of the tendon, just how would surgery correct that? If anything it would aggrevate it.
    scars are not compensated
    loss time from work is covered only if ordered off by a dr.
    injurries are not compensated; treatment of injuries are covered.

    any medical bills and medication should be covered. The dr would have to say its work related. If he orders you off work 2/3 of your wages up to your state amount would be covered.

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    donehadit Guest


    Surgery for tendonitis:YES,there is a surgery for tendonitis,it is where the doctor goes in and cuts(releases)the tendon and it re-attaches its self while it is healing.I know because I had the surgery done a couple of days ago and I did PLENTY of research on this before I had it done!

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    edk Guest


    Results sound good if you are typing within a few days.
    Up and about pretty fast. I am happy for you.

    Can you share what tendon you had surgery on?

    I have a chronic tendonitis problem and thought I had to live with it. All surgery options were stated as "exploratory" to find the real cause in my case. Would be great if a snip would take it awy.

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    donhadit Guest


    the surgery only last about 45 mins.,and what the doctor did to me was made a cut on the outside of my elbow(apr 4 inches)and went in and cut the tendon(he called it released)and looked all around while he had it opened,scraped and cleaned the bone where the tendon was at,then put stitches inside,and on the outside,he put 15 staples.I do not know if I am over my problem of tendonitis or not and I have been on my computor
    but I am only able to use one hand(and it has been 2 weeks tomarrow since mysurgery).My arm is better,but I went back to my doctor last wed and he said if by the 25 of this month I cannot straighten my arm out,I will have to go to physical theorapy,and I bet I will have to go because when I try to straighten it out,it is VERY-PAINFULL!!!!But if you have chronic tendonitis,and the steroid injections do not cure it,then the last choice is to have the surgery for it.(I took the injections and I was o.k for about 8 months and the pain started back,but was alot worse this time,thats why i had the surgery.(and by the way,I was also put completly to sleep during the surgery)I hope you get over your tendonitis,I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.

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    edk Guest


    thanks for the upadate...its only been 2 weeks i hope you start seeing better results with healing soon!

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    deb Guest


    I not only had my elbow done, I had my forarm operated on when the nerve dislocated from the tendon. Doing ok now, just received impairment ratings, my question is, I received 2 impairment ratings, one for arm one for elbow, does this mean WC will essentially be settling 2 cases rather than one? Thanks.

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    sh Guest


    No, there are rules for combining them into a whole person impairment rating.

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