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    Default How Do Workman's Compensation Benefits Work?

    I injured my back at work and will be out of work for 3 days. Was wondering if i was covered for the 3 days that I am off?

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    South Dakota has a 7 day waiting period payable after 7 consecutive days of disability.

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    do you still get paid for the first seven days but at a later time or they just don't pay you for the fist seven days

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    Yes South Dakota will go back and pay if you are off work for 7 consecutive days.

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    Default Re: How Do Workman's Compensation Benefits Work?

    I was recently told that I can only be paid after missing 7 or more consecutive days in a row (which is fine) I have a Dr.s note for those days. My question is I missed about 9 days (not consecutively) before this, but after my injury date(I have Dr's note for these days also), they told me that I can't collect any WC pay for those 9 days even though it says on the WC Law for my state that "If the incapacityasts for 7 consecutive days or more, compensation is then computed from the date of injury." What does that mean. I'm confused?

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    Default Re: How Do Workman's Compensation Benefits Work?

    It means the date of injury controls what rate is paid even if the lost time was 2 yrs later and there has been a rate change in the meantime; the days still have to be consecutive.
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    Default Re: How Do Workman's Compensation Benefits Work?

    burton0788babe any time you missed before the injury can not be contributed to time lost after the injury. Did you miss those nine days before the work injury or after? If it was before there is NO way you will be able to use them for the work injury. It just does NOT work that way sorry.

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