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    I was injured on July 11, 2003 and had surgery for a Jones fracture of the fifth metetarsul. The plant was sold to another company that would not follow my restrictions (informed Doc)and ended up being taken off of work in Jan. 2004 because the new Company would not follow restrictions which resulted in additional surgery to include a bone graft. The Doc. said I reached MMI in Sept. of 2004 with a disability rating of 5% of the lower body or 2% of the whole body. Work Comp. ran out in late March of 2005. And they are indicating they are sending me a settlement offer. I was wondering on what the settlement offer is based. When I worked as an independant insurance adjuster a normal injury claim (auto) was based on 3 times medical specials. I might add also that the last company fired me for being on work comp (missing work) which is legal in South Dakota. To this point the original company and work comp have treated me very fairly (of course I believe they will subrogate the second company with the help of the journal I will provide them after a settlement is reached)Any help on how the settlement is based is welcome. Thank You in advance

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    South Dakota permanent impairment schedule calculates a payment equivilant to 6.24 weeks (2% of 312 weeks)and future medical bills.
    SDCLC: 62-4-6

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