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Thread: Settlement

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    kingrowe Guest


    I settled while under extreme stress, and injuries which I had present at the time of settlement, Weren't being addressed by attorney i had representing me, So I dissmissed him because he wasn't representing my concerns. I settled the case, but I specifically told sitting Judge that I had other symtoms which later turned out to be mental as well as physical Can I appeal this due to incapacity of proper mental capacity? I have Lifetime benifits, but deteriation is occuring. What I am I to do?

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    anonymous Guest


    You may have to get a guardian appointed and then they'd have to decide whether to pursue such a action.

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    borderb Guest


    Any decision whether it's from a commision, hearing officer or judge can be appealed. The judges decision, was it based upon a verbal agreement or written documentation?

    Keep the Faith

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    jt Guest


    Anybody have any comments on what is trying to be past in Tennessee with workmans comp. Restricting the amount of time a person can be on workmans comp and restricting the amount of medical attention . This goes for people who have already filed lawsuits against workmans comp companies.

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    slowdued28 Guest


    luckily we struck a victory here in tn democratic lawyers fault vigorously and stop bredesen in his tracks. now if you when your case your entitled to more benefits than before.
    i am a injured worker that worked for the company for 13 yrs and had a few accidents along the way and try to turn the last one in and was denied im having full body pain , they admit im hurt but say i dint get hurt there these people are truly evil and doing everything in thier power to stop me from claiming commiting fraud, falsifying documents,lying on the stand im in for a long ride. my wife had to take a job making 1/2 the money i did leaving me at home to raise the kids and having to file bankruptcy to top it all off.

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    jj73 Guest


    First time posting a question...first time to this website. I have a relative who was injured at work by the "prank" of another employee. After two years of surgeries to her lower back, including spinal tells us wc has offered a settlement..35%, whatever that means...and tells us that Tennesee has a "cap" of 37%. Dr. has rated her l5%. She is suffering every day since this horrible thing happened. Lawyer also told us that wc first offered 22%, but he turned it down (without telling us), then they called back and offered 35%. Can a person just ask for a $ amount,,,whats the percentage cap about. Thanks for listening.

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    sh Guest


    You always ask for any $$ amount but work comp benefits are based on disability. The more severe the permanent impairment the higher the rating and the longer the payments.

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    jj73 Guest


    Thanks for answering SH. So, the l5% the dr. rated her..wc bases the $ amount on that. They are offering a lump sum settlement of $60,000 for this injury. What about the future...what if she has to have surgery again...she's still in pain every day. She went back to work 2 months ago, the company was going to replace her. She loves her job and and this whole time has only wanted to get back to work. What about all the mental suffering a person goes thru...doesnt that account for anything. Does workers comp look at that part too? Thanks for your help.

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    sh Guest


    No, mental suffering and the like are used in civil cases involving negligence. Work comp is social insurance based on ability or inablility to work (like unemployment); it doesn't consider other things.
    Most settlements close out all future benefits.

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    nj Guest



    Along with the settlement of $60,000.
    I hope part of the settlement will also be that your wife will be able to open the case again if more treatment is needed in the future and for pain med.


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