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    Default Settlement Advance

    I have received a 5%PPI with restrictions due to a bulged disc in my lower back from a previous employer. My attorney seems to think that we can get a 6x impairment rating due to the fact that I am only 25 and have done manual labor all of my life. I just want to know if it is possible to get an advance on the settlement because I am facing alot of bills right now. I am able to work, but under restrictions. Not making nearly enough to pay my bills right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. God Bless you all!

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    gt Guest


    Ask you lawyer.He should be giving you these answers. If not fire his $%#

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    n.j Guest


    Yes, Your lawyer should be able to help you get an advance on your settlement.

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    LilZerO - In Ohio you can request a Lump Sum Advance that will be repaid by withholding a certain $ amount from each check. Even when the advanced amount has been repaid, Ohio requires you to continue to pay for the lifetime of your claim. I had my back against the wall and was losing my perverbial you know what so I requested an advance. I have already paid that advanced amount back more than double and am working on #3 with almost 13% of my check still being withheld. ..those wc folks are generous-to everyone but the injured worker. You should not need a lawyer if you wish to get an advance. Lil-do you have an insurance policy that perhaps you could borrow on?
    Good Luck and keep your chin up.

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    Default insurance policy. Im only 25 yrs old, didnt think I needed one. Shows how much I know...huh? I do have a lawyer though....guess I will wait and see what he says. Thanks so much for all the help!!

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    They finally settled....all is well.....thanks for all of the advise and support. I wish everyone the same good fortune.

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    you can get a lump sum but if you lose you will have to pay it back and if you get caught working theyll try to have the thrown out on grounds if you can work your not hurt to bad its happen to alot of people.

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