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    Default Tennessee worker's compensation law questions

    First off I would like to say this website rocks! I never knew that one existed.

    I was injured on 05/07/2003. I was taken to the hospital. 2 days later, I found another problem with my arm. My employer did not want to listen. I saw my personal physician. She wrote me a light duty note. It was totally ignored by my employer, so I just worked the best I could. I received a call (at work) from the company's w/c insurance. I begged to see a doctor, because I was in pain. I was told that my request could not be granted until an investigation was completed. I was fired (for a legal reason) on 06/02/2003.

    After I was fired, I continued to request to see a w/c doctor. I finally just e-mailed my w/c claims lady and flat out asked her what she was needing to complete her investigation. She finally told me, I faxed it to her, and I was able to see a w/c surgeon in August of 2003. The surgeon agrred that my injury occurred on the job. Surgery was done on 08/28/2003. I was released to full duty on 10/16/2003. I was still in pain, so I visited the surgeon 3 more times. Each time he said he couldn't see anything wrong, but for mr to come back if I had any problems. Whatever!! I tried to work somewhere else. I was there for only 2 weeks, when my arm gave out on me. I went back to the w/c surgeon, who told me the same thing he did the other times. The last time I saw him was in April of 2004.

    I have been working on getting a second opinion. That is another story in itself. I won't get into that right now. My question is this. If I get a surgeon who is known (nation wide) for his/her knowledge of my injury, to say that I am not 100% healed and that the only way to fix it is with surgery, can I get back pay from the time my w/c pay ended on 10/16/2003 to the time of my surgery?

    Also, can I get pay from the time I was fired to the time I was allowed to see a w/c surgeon, who said my injury did happen at work?

    This is a lot I know, but my lawyer seems to be dodging these questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I lossed two of my finger tips," down were the nail starts, (2nd & 3rd) on my left hand.and i am left handed & hearing impaired. my W/C dotor said i have a 28% & 25% loss. my lawer said i could only go with the 28% loss. he said it was the law, so i was woundering if is that so? i think that i should get more than that, now i can't uses my left hand like i use too.
    any help would be great.

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    disability is based on doctors rating. Most doctors will rate the injury the same but if you believe yours was in error you can ask for another opinion. If you don't trust your attorney you can switch.

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