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    clarence Guest


    If you have to have a surgery due to a work related injury are you entitled to a settlement? I work for a company been there 8 years and had to have a carpal tunnel surgery. I've had several coworkers ask me if I was going to hire a lawyer to try and get all my money. I'm lost as what I should do. Workers comp paid for my surgery. The company I work for has provided me a light duty job till I'm back to full duty. What more should I ask for.

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    sh Guest


    no, settlements are not based on the kind of treatment you get. Tennessee comp law gives extra disability payments when/if there is permanent impairment.
    For more information go to the states work comp website at

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    kevin Guest


    So if your cut on is it always considered a disability?

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    sh Guest


    Yes, but not necessarily permanent i.e. most hernia repairs are surgical with 6 weeks of TD but no PD.

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