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    jack Guest

    Default Two injuries from one on-the-job accident

    my wife is a nurse and incurred 2 injuries from 1 accident. She has had one surgery and about to have another. These are neck and shoulder injuries....both "body as a whole injuries". My question, will the both be viewed as one in a settlement or actually viewed a 2 didderent and separate injuries. We have been somewhat lucky so far, but things with workmans comp ins co seems to get tougher by the day.



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    sh Guest


    Multiple body parts are often involved in a single injury. The different areas of the body are taken into consideration after recovery when rating any limitations.

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    anonymous Guest


    I was injuried 2 times on my left arm and 1 time on my right shoulder. My left arm is concidered 1 case and my right shoulder is concidered 1 case. I don't know how well your wife has been treated, but my doctor and therapist are fantastic. However, my WC specialist is a monster. It has gotten so bad with him, that my attorney advised the 2 of us not to talk to each other. And the state has stepped in to oversee the cases. I am now in the settlement sections of my cases and it is an uphill battle to agree with this man on arrangements for my future. I hope this is not what occurs for your wife or anyone else for that matter. Good Luck.

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    hurtatwork Guest


    By law settlement should be rendered per each body part.

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