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    Default Can An Impairment Rating Be Reduced

    I have recently been released by a doctor for a broken fibula and tibula to my right leg. The doctor stated I retained a permanent partial impairment of 10% to the right lower extremity for the leg injury. I obtained the doctor's notes of the eval and he indicated I had no limp when I actually do. He did indicate that I had calf atrophy. I have been to see another doctor which I paid for to get his assessment of my leg. He indicated I did have a limp and that my right leg is shorter than the left. I am trying to get my impairment rating increased since Tennessee caps the amount that one can receive based on the percentage rate and other things that go into the equation. It seems like the only way to get an increase is to get the impairment rating increased. I have looked at the Tennessee web site and found out I can request a Medical Impairment Rating (MIR). Is this in my best interest?

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    The greater the disability, the higher the rating, the longer the impairment benefits.

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