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    Default Injury Rating and Partial Permanent Disability

    so i have been threw it all and have been setup withvery careing doctors who have no doubt of my pain.i have had second opinions at wc request.they have sat in on during the exam and have upset the doctors to the point of anger. my left foot turns blue to gray it throbs & burns &is a constant horrable pain. my pain have writen a letter to my atterny & to my wc agents stateing a 33 1/2 p p raiting for my lower left leg & a 13 1/2 for a full body impairament.i am doing my best to continue working but im not sure i can keep on like this.can anyone tell me what these numbers atterny said it would be the 33 1/2 that they will go by.any help? injured on 01-15-03 i am now going once amonth to pain mngt.neurontin hydocodone wellbutrin effexor colazapam

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    you convert the lower extremity impairment to whole body by use of a table or essentually multuplying by 0.4. That WPI (whole person impairment) then is the factor used with your wage data to arrive at a dollar figure to pay you - of which your atty gets the typical 1/3 rd.

    btw - vicodin is a terrible choice for chronic pain for two reasons;a) it only lasts about 2-3 hrs while the pain lasts all day and B) the acetominophen component will kill your kidneys in long term low dose use.

    Google for research on hypertension and acetominophne (tylenol) and tylenol and end stage renal failure. Why do you think all those strip mall dialysis centers have sprung up all over the country ? Cause Tylenol is "so safe"

    Effexor recent data also associated with hypertension and neurontin is very sedating and causes problems with short term memory - try Cymbalta or Lyrica instead.

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